PM Modi Launched “Mission LIFE”: A Fight Against Climate Crisis

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On October 20, 2022, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres introduced Mission LIFE. Both stalwarts jointly announced the Mission Life action plan. The full form of LIFE is Lifestyle for Environment,

The plan includes a list of lifestyle modifications likely to be implemented as climate-friendly actions. The circular economy as well as the principles of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” has been integral to Indian culture. It was a prestigious event in terms of India’s well-recognized place in the international media. In this article, we will explain the objectives and benefits of Mission Life.

What is Mission LIFE?

On the grand stage that marked the announcement of Mission LIFE movement, Argentina, Georgia, Madagascar, France, Guyana, Mauritius, Estonia, Maldives, Nepal and the UK congratulated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for LIFE Mission.

According to a source from the PM’s office, Mission LIFE is an initiative for environment protection and would be led by India. The objective of the Mission LIFE is to encourage both group and individual actions to preserve and safeguard the environment. It will be India’s flagship program at the international forums including the UN to highlight the climate actions and the initial achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The key to make changes is to involve everyone and proceed toward a shared objective. India has been an active participant in the World Clean Up Day. Around 1.2 million individuals participated in the last year’s event. The recent war between Russia and Ukraine has caused severe energy crisis. Moreover, this emphasizes the importance of opting for sustainable energy sources. Several nations have appreciated India’s G-10 leadership for making climate change a priority.

France expressed its willingness to collaborate with India and work jointly towards making the project successful, especially in the context of recently held G20 leadership. France urged industrialized nations to keep their promises and give technological and financial assistance to India and other developing nations through the transition. France has expressed its eagerness to revolutionize the field of renewable energy and collaborate with India in this regard.

Nations Deal with Environment Concerns

In India, the annual per capita carbon footprint is around 1.5 tonnes whereas the global average of carbon footprint is around four tonnes. India is at the helm of making efforts to address the global issues including climate changes.

India is slotted at the fourth spot in wind energy and fifth spot in solar energy production in the world. In the last 7.5 years, India has successfully expanded its renewable energy capacity by around 290 percent. India has achieved the goal of getting 40% of power capacity from non-fossil fuel sources nine years before the schedule.

India has already attained 10% ethanol blend in gasoline five months ahead of the deadline. The National Hydrogen Mission has taken India a step forward. The mission will help India and many other countries achieve their net zero target.

Mission LIFE Objectives

By implementing a three-prolonged approach, LIFE will take a step towards changing the collective attitude of the society toward sustainability. This will happen by encouraging people to adopt small but powerful measures in their daily lives, prompting markets and industries in quick reaction to shifting demands and influencing industrial and government policies in support of sustainable consumption and production.

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Mission LIFE: Benefits and Features

There are several features and benefits of Mission LIFE. These are listed below:

Ø  According to Mission LIFE, it will help all the people of the world by changing the way of life and through environment conservation.

Ø  The mission will work towards the empowerment of populace to safeguard the environment and also educate them how to make an optimized use of the planet’s resources.

Ø  Mission LIFE strives to democratize the fight against climate change by encouraging everyone to participate according to their optimum abilities.

Ø  Mission LIFE encourages people to take the right measures in their daily lives to safeguard and preserve the environment.

Ø  Mission LIFE manifests the ethos of the famous “P3” paradigm, which means Pro-Planet-People.

Ø  Mission LIFE unites all individuals from all over the globe and put them on a single platform as Pro-Planet-people.

Ø  It’s a way to change lifestyle for the Planet and its People.

Ø  Mission LIFE will get every way of life related to environment covered in its plan.

Ø  India is committed to combatting the threat ensuring from climate changes.

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Written by Nilanjan

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