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When it comes to entertaining kids, then you must be familiar with the name blippy, which helps kids in understanding various aspects of learning things such as numbers, colors, letters, alphabets, and many more other things.

His signature outfit being blue and orange and a high level of energy is what makes the kids go crazy about him and his performance. Within a short time, Blippi was able to make his successful victory in capturing the attention of children as well as the parents with his educational and highly entertaining videos.

Growing up as a country kid, blippi was inspired by animals on his farm, tractors, and outdoor activities which was a part of his daily life, and as a result of this, he had a positive impact on his video content for kids.  

When he noticed that his two-year-old nephew was struggling to interact with the video on YouTube that was of low quality, he grabbed an opportunity to create content for children of good quality by the means of using graphics that were of high quality and by using high-tech equipment. 

After many weeks of trying to figure out the character names, working on video topics he had decided to host the show by himself. 

Who Is Bippi And Where Is He From?

Blippi was first aired in the year 2014 and shortly, its success rocketed sky-high because of the safe content and educational videos for millions of kids viewing all over the world. Now the question is Who is Blippi?, blippi aka Stevin John from Ellensburg Washington, was a former serviceman in the United States Airforce. 

After giving his service to Airforce, he started making video content for kids. His video content which consists of education and entertainment for kids is featured on YouTube, Amazon Video, and Hulu. 

In his YouTube channel, you will find video content mainly for children to make them understand and learn letters, colors, different shapes, nursery rhymes, and other educational values for kids. With 10 billion views on YouTube and more than 13 million subscribers, the show started streaming on different platforms with 8 different languages.

With lots of other kids’ entertainers on the scene, the reason why blippi aced was that he focused all his attention on his target audience that was, children. He had a unique approach, which helped his channel to get 5.5 billion views from different parts of the world in the year 2019 and after that, the number kept growing.

However after a huge success, on Saturday 8th of May 2021, a new blippi actor stepped into the blue and orange outfit on YouTube for the first time, his name was and performed the main role in a live theatre show but the kids were not pleased to see Blippi replaced. 

The New Blippi And His Influence

In the year 2019, when Blippi did the live tour, parents found out that the live tour would not feature the original actor Stevin John, and they were not very happy. 

The parents realized that the performance on the stage wearing a trademark outfit with a high-pitched voice was not John, whereas it was announced by the producers that John would be doing the live show. Because of this switch, the parents were angry and asked for refunds. 

Normally John uploads new video content for kids every Saturday morning but now, in a new “Learn with Blippi” series which premiered on Saturday morning, it was the new blippi actor Clayton Grimm.  

The video had already been viewed more than 735,000 times, but parents were already posting comments regarding the swap of the Blippi character on Instagram. There were comments on Instagram that clearly stated that the parents weren’t pleased with the new blippi actor

This swap of characters arouse curiosity and confusion among the parents, is there a new blippi?, this was the question that was raised time and again and maybe the switching of blippi was a good thing because of the controversy that followed Stevin John in which he had a web presence by the name of  Steezy Grossman. 

He had posted a video of him pooping on his friend’s head for the world to see which was in a way, “very gross”. He did regret the video though, and now it’s been taken down by the internet and can’t be found by the kids anymore.

Clayton Grimm did everything that the original blippi did. The energy was the same with the same outfit which consisted of a blue and orange dress and it resonated well with the kids.  Even though he kept up with his ways of teaching like Stevin John, the parents noticed but the kids were obsessed with the show. So, the question that was being asked everywhere in the world of kids’ entertainment was, is there a new blippi? Yes, there is a new blippi.

What do you think?

Written by Freya

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