Apply Online for Odisha Mukhyamantri Bayan Jyoti Yojana 2023 – Get Free Solar Lights & Fans for Your Handloom Business

If you are a handloom weaver in Odisha, you know how difficult it is to work in the dark or in the heat. You have to rely on lanterns or candles for lighting, which are not only expensive but also harmful for your eyes and health. You also have to face frequent power cuts or low voltage, which disrupt your work and affect your productivity and income.

But not anymore.

The Odisha government has launched a new scheme called the Mukhyamantri Bayan Jyoti Yojana, which will provide free solar lights and fans to handloom weavers across the state. This scheme will help you to work comfortably and efficiently, even at night or during power failures. It will also save your money and improve your health and well-being.

What is the Mukhyamantri Bayan Jyoti Yojana?

The Mukhyamantri Bayan Jyoti Yojana is a scheme that will provide a solar lighting unit to each handloom weaver household in Odisha. A solar lighting unit consists of:

  • A 650 VA inverter with a 100 AH battery, which can provide 15 hours of backup power
  • Two 20 watt LED tube lights, which can provide sufficient illumination for weaving
  • One 35 watt ceiling fan, which can provide cooling and ventilation

The solar lighting unit will be powered by solar energy, which is clean, renewable, and free. The solar lighting unit will also have a switch to change between solar power and grid power, depending on the availability.

The scheme will cover around 12,000 handloom weaver households in the financial year 2023-24. The Handloom Department of Odisha will implement the scheme.

How will the scheme benefit you?

The scheme will benefit you in many ways. Some of them are:

  • It will enable you to work for longer hours, even at night or during power failures, which will increase your production and income
  • It will reduce your expenses on lighting and fuel, which will increase your savings and profits
  • It will improve your health and well-being, as it will reduce eye strain, respiratory problems, and fire hazards caused by lanterns or candles
  • It will also help in conserving the environment and reducing carbon emissions, as it will use solar energy instead of fossil fuels

Mukhyamantri Bayan Jyoti Yojana Eligibility Criteria:

  • All weavers of the State are covered under this Scheme.
  • The applicant must be a full-time weaver.
  • Applicants must be permanent residents of Odisha State.
  • The family’s total income from all sources should not exceed 3 lakhs per annum.
  • At least 50% of the family’s income should come from weaving activities.
  • Applicants should already be benefiting from a similar scheme provided by the Central or State Government.
  • Only one member of a family can avail of the benefits under this Scheme.

Odisha Bayan Jyoti Yojana Required Documents:

  • Passport size photograph
  • Weaver Identity Card
  • Self-attested copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Income Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Affidavit declaring that the applicant is not benefiting from any other similar scheme.
  • Undertaking stating that the lighting unit will not be sold.

How can you avail the scheme?

To avail the scheme, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be a full-time handloom weaver in Odisha
  • You must have a valid weaver identity card issued by the Handloom Department
  • Your family income from all sources must not exceed Rs 3 lakh per annum
  • At least 50% of your family income must come from handloom weaving activities
  • You must not have availed any similar scheme from the central or state government
  • Only one member of your family can avail the scheme

To apply for the scheme, you need to follow these steps:

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  • Create an account by providing your name, email, and password
  • Log in with your username and password and click on the Mukhyamantri Bayan Jyoti Yojana link
  • Fill in the online application form with your personal details, bank details, income details, etc.
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  • Upload scanned copies of your passport size photograph, weaver identity card, Aadhaar card, bank passbook, income certificate, domicile certificate, affidavit, and undertaking
  • Submit the application form and take a printout for future reference

After submitting the application form, your details will be verified by the Handloom Department. If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number or email. You will then receive the solar lighting unit at your doorstep within a few days.

Don’t miss this opportunity

The Mukhyamantri Bayan Jyoti Yojana is a great opportunity for you to get free solar lights and fans for your handloom business. It will help you to work better and earn more. It will also help you to save money and improve your health and environment.

But you need to act fast.

The scheme is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, and there may be a limited number of solar lighting units available. So don’t delay.

Apply for the scheme today and light up your life with solar power.

Key Highlights of the Scheme

Scheme NameMukhyamantri Bayan Jyoti Yojana
Launched ByShri Naveen Patnaik
CategoryOdisha Government Schemes
BeneficiaryWeavers of State
EligibilityIncome less than 3 lakhs
Application ModeOnline
Official WebsiteClick Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the objective of the Mukhyamantri Bayan Jyoti Yojana?

A: The objective of the scheme is to provide required illumination for weaving on the loom.

Q: What is the cost of the solar lighting unit?

A: The cost of the solar lighting unit is Rs 17,500 per unit, which may vary depending on the unit size.

Q: What is the subsidy provided by the government for the scheme?

A: The government will provide 80% subsidy for small and marginal farmers and 60% subsidy for other farmers for the scheme.

Q: How long will it take to receive the solar lighting unit after applying for the scheme?

A: It will take a few days to receive the solar lighting unit after applying for the scheme, subject to availability and verification.

Q: Can I sell or transfer the solar lighting unit to someone else?

A: No, you cannot sell or transfer the solar lighting unit to someone else. You have to give an undertaking that you will not do so. If you are found violating this condition, you will have to return the solar lighting unit and pay back the subsidy amount.