What Happened to Shaka on ‘Family Reunion’?

Fans of the Netflix sitcom ‘Family Reunion’ were surprised and confused when the show returned for Part 5 without the character Shaka McKellan, played by Isaiah Russell-Bailey.

Shaka’s Absence Explained

In the new season, they show that Shaka has gone to boarding school, leaving his younger brother Mazzi, played by Cameron J. Wright, to handle high school alone. This changes things for Mazzi, who has to grow up and handle things on his own without his brother around.

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Fan Backlash

On Twitter, fans shared their disappointment and confusion about Shaka’s unexpected exit from the series. Many expressed sadness and frustration about the character’s departure, some even finding it hard to believe.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Response

Isaiah Russell-Bailey, the actor behind Shaka, went on Instagram to appreciate fans. He shared a photo with his co-stars and thanked them for their support. Fans also expressed their sadness about his absence in the final season.

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Future Endeavors

Despite his absence from ‘Family Reunion,’ Isaiah Russell-Bailey has exciting projects lined up, including a lead role in a Disney Plus sci-fi film called ‘Crater.’ The film, set in a lunar mining colony, follows a boy’s journey of self-discovery after the death of his father. With a talented cast of family reunion and an intriguing premise, ‘Crater’ promises to be an exciting addition to Isaiah’s resume.

Speculation about Shaka’s Departure

Some fans think Shaka’s exit from ‘Family Reunion’ could be because of his role in ‘Crater.’ It’s possible that his schedule clashed with filming for the show. Even though fans miss seeing Shaka, they can anticipate Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s future work.


The absence of Shaka McKellan from the family reunion cast has left fans disappointed and confused. Isaiah Russell-Bailey leaving the show means he gets to explore new roles, like his lead part in a Disney Plus movie. Fans might miss Shaka, but they can still cheer on Isaiah as he takes on exciting opportunities in his acting journey.