Wine and Wanderlust – 8 destinations for wine lovers around the world

Wine and Wanderlust 8 destinations for wine lovers around the world

If you truly want to experience different pieces of the world and feel like a first-class adventure seeker, become a wine connoisseur. Every region of the world, starting with Europe, Australia, and the USA, is to some extent famous for a specific type of wine. Wherever you go, you’ll get a chance to taste some of the best wines. Wine and wanderlust go hand in hand, as wine tourism is a fun reason to explore the world. Not only will you taste some of the best wines, but you’ll also taste the best food and feed your wanderlust. Let’s see which one of these destinations will be the first on your travel bucket list.

France – Bordeaux

If you prefer red wine over other types, it’s time to head straight to France. Even if you aren’t a skilled wine connoisseur, you know that France is famous for their red wines. When we talk about wine types, you should taste the well-known blends of red, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

You’ll see several mesmerising chateaux as these are also where the wineries are. Wine tastings are usually at these locations and similar. You can also take a tour of small villages known for their wine production. You should also consider visiting France during the annual Bordeaux Wine Festival.

California – The Nappa Valley

From France to the USA in the blink of an eye, as this is also another popular tourist destination. If you’re looking to combine your love of wine and the need to satisfy your wanderlust, California will satiate both. Nappa Valley is known for Cabernet Sauvignon is another type of red wine on this list. Especially if you visit the USA after France, you’ll easily compare one against the other.

Australia – Hunter Valley

If you think that the best wines only come from Europe, we have to challenge such widespread opinion. Australia is definitely high on this list, especially Hunter Valley. You can easily find accommodation in Unwind Hunter Valley, and go on wine testing across boutique wineries. From tasting great Semillon and Shiraz, you’ll enjoy the beautiful landscape and have a chance to enjoy hot air balloon rides over the vineyards. There are also different local wine festivals, so find out which one coincides with your time in Australia.

Italy – Tuscany

Tuscany is probably among the top idyllic countryside destinations every world traveller will fall in love with. Tuscany is among top five choices when people talk about visiting Italy. It has an idyllic atmosphere where romance is simply in the air.

When it comes to the best wines, you have to try Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, and Super Tuscans. Don’t forget to prepare several great outfits as you’ll be inspired to strike a pose at every step. The regions is filled with small and cute villages and vineyards, and perfect nature.

Spain – Rioja

Spain is known for its vibrant culture, friendly attitude, passion, great food and even greater wines. If you want to visit a winery with a century-long legacy, head straight to Rioja. It’s also a great place to see how wines are still made in traditional way with a mix of modern methods. The blend of modern and traditional is the representation of the country’s rich wine-making tradition. You’ll get a chance to try a variety of red wines in Rioja. Also, when you need a break from all the wine tastings, take a break at one of tapas bars. You’ll combine both the local tasty cuisine and amazing local wines.

Portugal – Douro Valley

The next stop on our wine and wanderlust travel list is Douro Valley in Portugal. Just like the port is Portugal’s fine type of wine, so is Douro Valley known for it. There’s also a Douro Wine Festival, where you can taste all the finest wines from local vineries. This amazing wine region is nestled next to a river so you can spend time on river cruises and fine wine tastings.

Germany – Mosel Valley

If you love a crisp and refreshing white wine, then your next location is definitely Germany. This type of wine is known for its refreshing characteristics as it is low in alcohol percentage. The charming region is known for its beautiful river views and medieval castles.

France – Champagne

While we’re talking about white wines, let’s go back to France for a moment. The palace where some of the best sparkling wines are fermented is located in Champagne in France. Every wine enthusiast should spend a lot of time in France, as there are too many great regions to visit. From charming wines and charming towns, France will fill everyone with amazing wine and great times.

These eight destinations will transform everyone into a world traveller and a wine expert. Each one is as specific as the next one. So, pick a first destination and start looking for plane tickets and places to stay.

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