Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Productivity Tracking Software

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As you may have heard or have identified from the title we are going to tell you a little about productivity tracking software. In this article, we will tell you how you can reap the most advantages by choosing the best software for accurately tracking and boosting the productivity of your employees. So, why do you need to know how to choose the best productivity monitoring software for your business? There can be many reasons including unlimited options, overwhelming workloads, and the existence of fakes and scams in the market. So, let’s get right into it.      

An Overview of Productivity Tracking Software

Software for tracking the productivity of your employees are tool packages. These suites contain all the tools, features, and functionalities you need to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and maximize growth. What the software does is track the work activities of your employees against your set configurations in real-time and generate accurate performance reports.   

Key Benefits of Using Productivity Tracking Software

Productivity tracking software solutions provide many features as per the various requirements of organizations. Properly, continuously, constantly, regularly, and most importantly non-intrusively using these functionalities of productivity tracking software will give you the maximum benefits. 

Productivity Boosts

It wouldn’t be called productivity tracking software, if it doesn’t increase the productivity of your staff, would it? This is the buzz advantage we have been enjoying over our competitors since we started using the best employee productivity monitoring software. What it does is monitor the activities, files, URLs, apps, and patterns of your employees, making decision-driving performance reports.   

Enhanced Management

Thanks to the automated timesheet feature, which increases the focus and efficiency of your employees, you will enjoy the benefit of enhanced management. Not only on your employees’ side. However, also from the managers’ side, it is possible to view the task progress, status, and updates in real-time on a user-friendly interface. Overall, it simplifies management tasks.      

Accurate Performance Reviews

Accuracy in performance reviews is a long-term benefit, which you get from using software for tracking employee productivity. As we mentioned before, the productivity tracking tool makes accurate performance reports that also accrue performance reviews.    

More Employee Engagement

Using productivity time tracking software ensures that your employees are clear about the KPIs and goals since you configure the software as per the requirements. So, when they know how their efforts contribute to your organization, they will try to get involved more and give their best work performances.         

Predictive Problem Solving

One feature of our employee productivity tracking tool we love is behavior analysis. What it does is monitor and log the keystrokes, activities, and mouse movements of your employees. This lets you identify work patterns and employee behavior for better predictive solution analysis. 

Key Considerations When Choosing the Best-fit Productivity Tracking Software

As we mentioned before there are many productivity-tracking software solutions in the market. Furthermore, due to the rise in popularity of the software, there are also fakes and scams in the industry. With that, here’s how to not pick the worst option, when choosing a productivity monitoring tool for your organization. 

Check Your Features Requirement 

Many software for monitoring productivity offer many features. However, you won’t need all of them. Thus, it’s essential to make a features requirement checklist. The idea here is to shortlist options, which have your required functionalities prominent.   

Cost vs Budget Analysis

Now that you have your shortlist ready, we can move on to the next step. Here, you need to do a quick rundown of the prices of all the tools in your list and check them against your budget. Furthermore, it is also essential to identify how much ROI you will get before finalizing.   

Get Feedback

What better way to identify how good your productivity tracking software is than to ask their clients? You can also read reviews and do reality checks on their website claims to choose the best option.   

Get a Demo

By now, you must be down to 2 or 3 options. Most of the productivity tracking solutions offer free demos and trials. These will let you know how and if the software will benefit your business.   

Test The Software

Once you have finalized the productivity tracker, it’s essential to get your test team to run the software for a final test before implementing it.  


That wraps up today’s post on the considerations when choosing the best productivity measurement software for your business. To summarize, productivity-tracking software solutions are tool packages for organizations to monitor and increase the productivity of their employees. These suites have features including URL, file, app, and activity monitoring in real-time to generate accurate performance reports. Evaluating these reports will lead to benefits including productivity boosts, enhanced management, and more employee engagement. However, choosing the best-fit productivity tracking software is essential for the same. Speaking of which, we recommend DeskTrack as your perfect productivity employee monitoring software.

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