Simplifying Zincalume Tank’s Advantage over RCC Tank

Zincalume Water Tank
Zincalume Tank vs RCC Tank -

Both Zincalume and Reinforced Cement Concrete – RCC tanks are durable and efficient in storing water and are a popular choice for tank installation. But compared to the RCC tank, Kymik Zincalume water tank is less priced, has a quicker project completion rate, and downtime is reduced and ready to be used.

The comparative analysis will help to highlight key differences between these two water storage tanks

Zincalume Water Tank vs RCC Water Tank

Installation Site and Foundation  

Kymik Galvalume water tanks are designed in such a way that they can be assembled easily using bolts. Due to no construction need on the site and typical delivery in segments, the installation time decreases. Zincalume tanks can be installed on surfaces like compacted soil, concrete slabs, or gravel as per requirement.

After digging a pit for the RCC tank, a robust concrete foundation is applied for structural stability. After that strong foundational steel reinforced cages are used, to be enclosed by the concrete mold framework. In order to solidify the cement and remove air pockets, it will take several weeks.


Assembly and Relocation

As per requirement, Kymik tanks can be disassembled to relocate to another area. The steel panels are lightweight so it will be easier to transport to the installation site. To prevent corrosion, proper planning is done to achieve compatibility with the new site. Skilled laborers assemble the sheets part by part by bolting them, making it a less specialized process.

RCC tanks are compatible with different types of materials. However, they need additional plastering inner and outer waterproofing to avoid leaks. Here relocating the tank is not applicable as a new construct has to be done, or requires extensive effort to move. For concrete handles and framework, additional skilled laborers are required increasing the project cost.

Installation process and Assembly for Zincalume vs RCC tanks

Maintenance and Inspection

Kymik tanks need no maintenance due to corrosion coating, which gives the tank 20 years of protection from different liquids like fire water, raw water, demineralized water, rainwater, drinking water, etc. We offer both round and square tank structure options.

RCC tanks have solid durability and can be customized in various shapes. But there needs to be mandatory routine inspections for cleaning, waterproofing, and anti-algae for optimal function.

Kymik ensures an efficient and well-planned installation process for their environment-friendly water tank. Our tanks are not even affected by weather delays, as the installation can be even done under a temporary shelter. For a systematic, hassle-free, and swift water storage solution, reach out to Kymik Tank.

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