Share Your Expertise Online and Earn 30$ to 280$ Per Session

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Monetizing your expertise has never been easier. Whether you’re knowledgeable in business and technology, education, culinary arts, health and wellness, fashion and beauty, home interior design, music and audio production, fitness and sports, or cooking, there are multiple platforms where you can share your skills and earn a significant income.

By engaging in one-on-one video chats and offering your insights, you can capitalize on your hard-earned knowledge. Here’s a guide on how to get started.

We’re all looking for ways to earn passive income from the comfort of our free time by sharing our expertise. How can we effectively share our knowledge and generate income?

What are the Steps for Registering as an SME

1) Select a FREE SME Platform & Build a Captivating Profile

Start by selecting a platform that perfectly matches your area of expertise. Leading platforms like Smeeple can be an excellent choice for SMEs. Your profile is your first impression—make it count. Showcase your skills and experience, emphasizing the unique value you bring. Use a professional photo and write a bio that highlights your expertise and passion with clarity and enthusiasm.

2) Set Your Own Rates & Schedule

 One of the top perks of being an SME is the flexibility to set your own prices and availability. Reflect on your expertise level, the complexity of your advice, and industry standards when determining your rates. It’s strategic to start with competitive pricing to attract a steady client base. Choose availability slots that are convenient for both you and your target audience, ensuring maximum engagement and satisfaction.

3) Seamlessly Manage Your Appointment 

Once your profile is up and running, clients will start booking sessions based on your specified availability. Stay on top of new bookings through email or app notifications. Prompt, professional responses and a courteous demeanor during sessions are crucial for building a stellar reputation and encouraging repeat business.

4) Maximize Your Reach

 To draw in more clients, actively promote your SME profile. Share it across your social media platforms, add it to your email signature, and engage with relevant online communities and forums.


Becoming an SME is a fantastic way to leverage your skills and earn extra income. By creating a profile, setting your rates and availability, receiving appointments, and promoting your profile, you can build a successful side business.

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