Perfect Ways to Clean Your Gemstone and Diamond Jewellery


Sometimes an heirloom, an asset or a much-desired piece of dream. Other times, maybe just a piece of stone that completes your look and speaks for your personality. Jewellery holds different importance in everyone’s life. But there is one thing for sure, jewellery is indeed important for everyone young and old male and female, alike. Therefore, not only buying jewellery but also regular cleaning and maintaining it is indeed important. Here in this article, we bring to you some tips and tricks which will help you in maintaining your prized possessions so that you can keep their shine and beauty intact for years and years.

  • Gentle Soak in Warm, Soapy Water

Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of mild liquid detergent to it. Now place your jewellery such as ruby bracelets or rings into it for a good 15 to 20 minutes. This will ensure that the dust, dirt and other such particles which are stuck inside the edges of the jewellery will get loosen and eventually you can wash them with cold running water. This is efficient for jewellery which is already clean or is little dirty. This activity will bring back the shine and lustre of the jewellery.

  • Soft Brush Cleaning

Now, in case your jewellery is something which has not been cleaned for years so it will require deep cleaning. Take a soft brush or a brush with soft bristles. Rub around the corners of the gemstone and make sure that you do not rub harshly around the corners and edges. Do not apply too much pressure as it may lead to the loosening of the gemstones on the ring. Pay special attention to gemstones such as opals and pearls, they are prone to getting damaged even with slight pressure of the brush.

  • Rinse Thoroughly

Now after you have soaked the jewellery in warm water and brushed it, clean the jewellery under running water. But make sure that while washing jewellery with small gemstones such as platinum diamond eternity rings, etc always use a stainer or a mesh cleaner. This will ensure that even if accidently one of the gemstones gets loosen, they do not get lost under running water and you can therefore easily save them and get them placed again by your jeweller.

  • Pat Dry with a Soft Cloth

Avoid rubbing the gemstone with any material. Also, avoid using tissue paper or paper towels as they may leave lint or other such particles which may have impact on the shine of the jewellery. Always try to go for the microfibre cloth for drying the jewellery. Alternatively for best results you can go for the jewellery polishing clothes which will give the best results after washing the gemstones.

  • Use a Jewellery Cleaning Solution

There are times when a certain jewellery catches tough dirt and grime and this jewellery will not be easily cleaned. For such cases, go for specialised jewellery cleaning solutions. Make sure that you do not leave gemstone jewellery with turquoise or emerald gemstones for too long in the solution. This may damage these delicate gemstones and leave scratches on them forever.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you a good number of jewellery to clean or if you want a more perfect cleaning, its best to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner. This device with the help of sound waves, helps in cleaning the tough dust and dirt stuck inside the jewellery gently. This device is used for professional cleaning and is preferred usually when you have a lot of jewellery to clean.

Summing Up

There are a number of steps through which you can clean the specific jewellery but the only thing that you must keep in mind is that do never leave the gemstone jewellery in the detergent solution as it may permanently damage the shine of the gemstone. Also, always ensure that do not go for easy DIY solutions as this may work for certain metals and prove to be reactive on other metals and gemstone. The gemstone jewellery is an asset which is to be protected at any cost as it emotional and material value always increases with each passing day. So always ensure that harsh chemicals and avoided and the jewellery is kept clean using softer methods.

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