Mistakes that one Should Avoid During Competitive Exam Prep


During competitive exam recruitment exams, every candidate gives their best to get a job in the public sector. However, there are a few aspects that one should have to be aware of. Otherwise, it may make a mistake takeover which results in lower scores on the competitive exam. 

Therefore, every individual needs to stay alert during their exam preparation so that they can easily evaluate the right and wrong. In this article, we shed light on various important factors that every candidate should get familiar with in advance before beginning the exam preparation. 

Keep in mind that by neglecting such mistakes or errors, one can move ahead with their goal of cracking the competitive exam. However, if you desire to attain appropriate guidance for perfect government exam preparation, you can join an incredible institute that delivers top-tier Bank Coaching by various professionals. 

Various mistakes that one should avoid during competitive exam prep.

Here are various mistakes that every candidate has to avoid during competitive exam preparation:

Making Attentive Time-table

Do you know why most students fight to stick to a study schedule regularly? Well, the solution is that you write in the curriculum those achievable activities that are difficult to complete in a certain time. Undoubtedly, completing the task in the given time is not an easy task. Therefore, students do not focus on mastering the concepts behind the subjects but only focus on completing the syllabus. Well, if you want to meet your schedule every day, you need to create a flawless schedule with achievable goals.

Trusting tutors

It is noticeable that more than 70% of students trust tutors to prepare for exams instead of preparing themselves. Not only that, but many students think that only classroom teaching is enough to prepare for the exam, which is completely wrong. To succeed in the exam, you have to work harder than in other types of exams. However, teachers do their best to teach students, but certain problems cannot be answered in the classroom. Additionally, you can seek help from online resources such as YouTube videos.

Studying continuously for long hours

When students are in one place for a long time while preparing for an exam, their energy level goes down. So focusing on concepts becomes a herculean task for them. That’s why it’s important to take breaks at regular intervals because studying for a long time can make you feel unproductive. On the other hand, taking short breaks between study periods will improve your energy and concentration. You can use this time to do what you like, like listening to music, playing games, and spending time with your loved ones. That way, after each break, you can give it your all and prepare for the exam more effectively.

Lack of Practice

It is unrealistic to believe that memorizing the topics is enough to crack the board exam. It says that reading and memorizing concepts is a passive approach to preparing for board exams while writing and practicing concepts is an active approach. Practice all the topics at least two or three times before taking the exam. By practicing the concepts, you will be able to retain them longer and not be afraid or confused before the exam. ? So start following the schedule at least one month before the exam date.

Mugging Up

It can be noticed that most students begin the exam preparation just a week ago from the exam day which makes it quite difficult to understand every topic of the exam. Therefore, follow the study schedule at least a month before the exam day. Also, if you think that packing concepts is enough, you are completely wrong here. Because self-paced learning is temporary, you may get stuck solving problems simply because you understand the concepts behind them. So try to avoid cramming and focus on learning the concepts.

If you want to complete your competitive exam syllabus on time without cramming, then you may join the best SSC Coaching institute to learn various tips and tricks to crack the SSC exam on the very first attempt. Also, they will provide you with the best study material to evaluate your exam performance by solving practice tests.


Look at the above pointers which will support you to prepare yourself in such a way so that you can effectively and efficiently ace the competitive exam at the very first attempt. 

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Written by Anmol

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