kidney stone early signs to cause pain

Kidney stone

This is usually accompanied by early indicators that indicate the development of kidney stones, and this can be so painful. These are some of the signs that require close attention in order to avoid a painful event.


1. Intense Flank Pain

Flank pain refers to the discomfort situated on the side of the body between the belly and the lower back, and this can worsen when the stone shifts its position.


2. Spasms of Pain

Pain may be worse in some days and worse still in others, a condition known as renal colic. These spasms are very intense and are believed to be akin to labor pains.


3. Radiating Pain to the Groin

Pain is a universal experience that is felt by everyone at some point in their lives. Depending on the severity, it can be termed mild, moderate, or severe. Among the minor aches that people endure, pain that radiates to the groin is not a common one.

Pain may also be located in the stomach, groin area, or back, depending on the position of the stone in relation to the bladder. The changing of this pain location can be rather beneficial in identifying the direction that the stone is heading in.


4. Continued search for a comfortable angle: 

Extreme difficulty was encountered during attempts to find an appropriate position to lie on the operating room table.

A common concern that patients with kidney stones complain of is the inability to remain in one position for long. It may make them on the move in a bid to find some comfort from the pain they are going through.

Diagnosis of kidney stones is easy, especially when the patient presents early in the disease process. Often, your physician may, from a physical examination, deduce that you have kidney stones based on your signs and symptoms.

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