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Whether you sell power tools, paint, flooring, plants, or garden decor, the principles stay the same – it’s all about serving the customer with enthusiasm, skill, and a personal touch. You may have the best prices around but if customers don’t feel valued and well taken care of, they will be heading to the big box store down the street. Let’s change that! Below are some tried and true tips for stepping up your customer service game and turning browsers into buyers.

Listen Carefully to Customer Issues and Needs

The first step to improving customer service is listening actively when customers talk to you about their project needs or issues they are facing. Resist the urge to interrupt and actually hear them out. Ask clarifying questions and restate what they told you to ensure you understood properly. Customers will appreciate the effort you took to fully understand them.

Focus on Solutions, Not Just Products

Sure, selling products is important, but don’t just recommend the first product that comes to mind. Think through how the product will actually solve the problem or meet the customer’s needs. This may mean recommending several options or complementary products. Showing you have thought through the full solution will demonstrate your expertise and care.

Gather Customer Feedback and Respond

Actively solicit customer feedback through surveys, comment cards, and social media. Then respond to that feedback – whether it’s positive or negative. If an issue is brought up, take it seriously and explain how you plan to improve. For positive feedback, simply thank the customer and share the compliments with your employees. This shows customers you value their opinions.

Training Employees on Problem-Solving and Communication

Much of good customer service comes down to how your employees interact with customers. Make sure to train all staff on active listening, identifying customer needs, presenting solutions, and responding to issues respectfully and helpfully. Create standards for tone, vocabulary, and speed of response. The better trained your team, the better the overall experience.

Follow Up with Customers After Their Purchase

Checking in after a sale is a simple way to elevate customer service. Call or email customers within a few days to see how their project is going and if they have any additional questions. This follow-up shows you care about their long-term success and satisfaction, not just the initial sale. It can also lead to additional purchases once you understand how the initial product is working for them.

Implementing Systems for Continuous Improvement

The quest for excellent customer service should never end. Establish systems like a retail scanning system or a POS system to consistently evaluate customer experiences and identify areas for improvement. Survey customers regularly, gather employee feedback, and examine key metrics like return rates and repeat purchases. Then test out tweaks and changes to see what resonates best with your customers. Customer service is an ongoing journey, not a destination.

Focus on the “Wow” Factor

Don’t just aim for adequate customer service – go for the “wow” factor that makes customers rave about your store. Find ways to exceed expectations at every turn. For example:

  • Provide complimentary coffee and snacks while customers wait for items.

  • Offer a money-back guarantee that’s double the industry standard.

  • Give custom project advice well beyond a customer’s initial purchase.

  • Explain upfront any fees, taxes, or limitations so customers are never surprised later.

  • Call customers on their birthday with a deal or discount.

Look for simple tweaks that can make your service go from good to truly outstanding in customers’ eyes.

Build Personal Relationships with Valued Customers

For your most loyal customers, make an effort to get to know them on a personal level. Remember details about their families, hobbies, and previous projects. Ask how projects are progressing outside of just sales follow-ups. Share relevant industry news and tips. These personal touches strengthen the bond between your store and your best customers, helping ensure their lifetime loyalty.

Respond Quickly and Accurately to Customer Questions

In today’s instant access world, customers expect rapid responses to their inquiries. Aim to reply to emails and social media messages within one business day. For urgent issues, respond within a few hours. Additionally, make sure your responses are accurate, complete and resolve customer questions the first time. Multiple follow-ups indicate a lack of customer focus.

Go Above and Beyond, Even for Difficult Customers

Some customers will be unhappy for reasons beyond your control. But handle these situations with patience, kindness, and professionalism. Resist the urge to become defensive. Aim to solve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction, even if it means providing refunds, discounts, or additional aid. Your gracious response could turn an angry critic into a loyal advocate for your business.

Keep analyzing your customer service standards and practices to find new ways to improve and differentiate your store. Treating customers like valuable partners will yield dividends for your business for many years to come.

If you want to take your customer service to the next level and strengthen relationships with your customers, consider using Hana Retail as your hardware store POS software. Hana Retail offers powerful features to help you provide a more personalized experience and a higher level of service for your store’s customers.

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