ISRO trial for manned mission in August/September

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ISRO always refuses to set on its laurels. They successfully launched Chandrayan-3 on July 14, which is expected to touch down on the lunar south pole on August 23. Despite their busy schedule, they are now planning to conduct trials for a manned mission in September.

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What is it?

The single-stage liquid propellant rocket, to be used as a test vehicle, is purposefully designed to test the entire system of Ganganyaan at sub-orbital level ahead of a complete unscrewed mission to imitate the complete final human mission.

ISRO scientists are busy before the much awaited soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 on August 23. However, they are already working on another project – India’s human spaceflight mission.

The first test vehicle mission is designed to test the crew escape system. There are plans for a trial in August or September. Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State for Science and Technology, announced it in Parliament.

TV-D1 will investigate the process to terminate the mission mid-air, the parachute system to bring the crew module down to sea and recover the crew members from the module following splashdown.

When answering to a question, the minister informed that all subsystems related to the test vehicle mission had already been realized. “Crew module integration is completed”, he added. ISRO has tested the propulsion system of the crew escape system as well as the crew module on ground.

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