How to resolve issues of being unable to activate iPhones quickly?

How to resolve issues of being unable to activate iphones quickly

In this article, iPhone users will get quick solutions for fixing the issues of iPhone unable to activate. Be with the article to learn the different methods.

What are the common reasons that cause the iPhone not activate situation?

IPhone users may have encountered a pop-up message “iPhone not activate” when they attempt to activate their iPhones. This situation mostly arises with the iphone’s Dual SIM model instead of older models.

Following are some of the common reasons that cause this situation.

  • Activation Lock isn’t disabled.

  • Your iPhone is locked to a mobile service provider.

  • The mobile carrier is having technical difficulties.

  • The activation server may be temporarily unavailable.

  • Your device isn’t connected to the Internet.

  • Your SIM cards ( one or both) are not inserted properly or the iPhone does not support them.

Different methods to fix the issue

Re-insert the SIM card

To fix the inability to activate iPhone situations, users must properly insert their SIM cards in the iPhone’s SIM tray. if this does not happen, then the device will be unable to detect it and could not activate iPhone properly. before initiating the device activation, ensure your SIM card is properly inserted in the place.

Restart your iphone

In case of activating your iphone and ‘an update is required to activate your iPhone’ message appears on the screen, then restart your iPhone. Usually, this method resolves the issue quickly.

Connect to a trusted Wi-Fi network

To activate your iPhone, switch to a Wi-Fi network instead of your cellular network. A wi-fi network is more stable and secure than a phone cellular connection.

Check if your iPhone is locked

In case, your iPhone is locked for a particular mobile network, you cannot use the SIM card of a different network. So, first, unlock the previous SIM network to access a new network of a new SIM card to activate your iPhone.

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