How Can I Tell If I Need New Tires?

How Can I Tell If I Need New Tires 1
How Can I Tell If I Need New Tires

When driving on the roads in California, your main goal is to get to your destination safely. That’s why it is important to know when to get new tires. After all, the quality of your tires matters. Tires with worn tread or bald spots may reduce braking time or can blow out on the freeway. To stay safe on the road, knowing what to look for when examining your tires is important.

When to Get New Tires

When determining when to get new tires, take a close look at your tires in the daylight. While you’re evaluating your tires, answer these questions:

  1. Do the sides of my tires look worn or do they have deep grooves?

Tires with no tread (or little tread) aren’t safe and will wear down more quickly than tires with good tread. You must have proper tread depth on your tires. Tires typically have built-in tread wear indicators (TWI) at 2/32 of an inch or deeper. When the TWA is visible, it’s time to replace your tires.

  1. Are there visible bulges or bubbles on the sidewall, tread area, or near the TPI (tread pattern identification marker)?

Tires with bubbles on their sidewalls may be prone to even more damage and should definitely get changed out for new ones. Underinflated tires can bulge or crack over time. This is often due to rubber oxidation and other slow atmospheric chemical reactions. Tires on vehicles exposed to direct sunlight may also develop these visible cracks and bulges. As such, check them regularly and change them before it’s too late. Check tires with TPI (tread pattern identification) for TPI separation. If they show any of these visible deformations, this is a sign of internal damage to the tire. It could lead to a sudden tire failure at a inopportune times.

  1. Do I see signs of tire rot?A small amount of surface rust on the inside or outside bead areas usually doesn’t indicate that you need new tires. However, severe rusting can cause your tires to deteriorate from the inside out. If you have an inspection done, ask your technician where to look for rot so that you will know what signs to look for in the future. Check tires that are more than six years old for signs of rot. Older tires can become brittle and crack more easily.
  1. Has my vehicle been in an accident that resulted in the replacement of one or more tires?Previously damaged tires should get replaced before you see visible wear on them. This is due to the internal damage sustained during the impact. If you replace just one tire after an accident or other repair, it’s important to check your wheel alignment. The accident likely compromised your wheel alignment. Poor wheel alignment can cause damage to the other tires over time.

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