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Patient Statement Services 

Enhancing Patient Payment Efficiency With IMAGNUM’S Patient Statement Services


Patient statements play a crucial role in the healthcare revenue cycle, serving as medical bills that facilitate the collection of medical payments from patients. At iMagnum, we understand the importance of clear and timely patient statements in ensuring efficient payment processes and enhancing patient satisfaction. Our Patient Statement Services are designed to streamline the generation and distribution of patient statements, optimizing revenue collection and improving overall practice efficiency.

Types and Delivery Methods of Patient Statements:

Patient statements can be categorized into two main types: paper and electronic. These statements can be delivered to patients through various channels, including in-person, mail, email, and SMS, offering flexibility and convenience for both patients and providers.

Frequency of Patient Statement Generation:

To maintain a consistent monthly flow of income, we recommend dividing patients into four equal groups and billing each group once per week on a monthly cycle. This approach ensures prompt distribution of patient statements and facilitates timely payment processing.

Key Information Included in Patient Statements:

In addition to essential claim information such as the practice’s name, address, and phone number, patient statements should include details to facilitate payment, such as the payment due date. Clear and comprehensive patient statements help patients understand the services they are paying for and encourage timely payment.

Data Retention Policies:

We adhere to industry standards for data retention, typically preserving medical records for eight years following the patient’s last treatment. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements while maintaining the security and integrity of patient data.

Benefits of Our Patient Statement Services:

1. Prompt Distribution: Our streamlined process ensures the prompt distribution of patient statements to patients, facilitating timely payment processing and revenue collection.

2. Increased Patient Collections: By billing promptly and receiving payments promptly, our services help increase patient collections, optimizing practice revenue and financial performance.

3. High-Quality Statements: We prioritize accuracy and clarity in our patient statements, ensuring high-quality communications that enhance patient understanding and satisfaction.

4. Quick Turnaround: With efficient processes and advanced technology, we provide quick turnaround times for patient statement generation and distribution, minimizing delays and optimizing practice efficiency.

5. Improved Patient and Physician Satisfaction: Clear and timely patient statements contribute to improved patient and physician satisfaction by fostering transparency, trust, and efficient payment processes.


Efficient patient statement generation and distribution are essential for optimizing revenue collection and enhancing patient satisfaction in healthcare practices. Partner with iMagnum to streamline your patient statement processes, increase collections, and improve practice efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our Patient Statement Services and start optimizing your revenue cycle operations.GENRATE PATIENT STATEMENTS

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