Fun and Easy Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids


Arts and crafts activities are a wonderful way to keep kids entertained while also helping them develop important skills. Here are some fun and easy arts and crafts ideas from Wondrfly that you can do with your kids at home.

1. Paper Plate Animals

Materials needed: Paper plates, paint, markers, googly eyes, glue, and construction paper.

Instructions: Paint the paper plates in various colors to represent different animals. Once the paint dries, use markers, googly eyes, and construction paper to add features like eyes, ears, and tails. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they create their own zoo of paper plate animals.

2. Handprint Art

Materials needed: Non-toxic paint, paper, and markers.

Instructions: Dip your child’s hand in paint and press it onto a piece of paper to create a handprint. Once the paint dries, use markers to turn the handprint into various creatures or objects, such as a handprint fish, tree, or flower. This simple activity results in cute keepsakes and memories.

3. DIY Kaleidoscope

Materials needed: Cardboard tube, reflective paper, beads or sequins, plastic wrap, and tape.

Instructions: Line the inside of a cardboard tube with reflective paper. Cover one end of the tube with plastic wrap and secure it with tape. Add beads or sequins to the tube, then cover the other end with plastic wrap. When your child looks through the tube, they will see beautiful, colorful patterns.

4. Painted Rocks

Materials needed: Smooth rocks, paint, brushes, and markers.

Instructions: Collect smooth rocks from your yard or a park. Clean and dry the rocks, then let your child paint them with various designs. Once the paint dries, they can add details with markers. Painted rocks make great garden decorations or gifts.

5. Recycled Bottle Planters

Materials needed: Empty plastic bottles, paint, markers, soil, and small plants or seeds.

Instructions: Cut the plastic bottles in half and clean them thoroughly. Let your child paint and decorate the outside of the bottles. Once dry, fill the bottom half with soil and plant small plants or seeds. These DIY planters teach kids about recycling and gardening.

6. Paper Bag Puppets

Materials needed: Paper bags, construction paper, markers, glue, and googly eyes.

Instructions: Use construction paper to cut out shapes for the puppet’s features, such as eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Glue these onto the paper bag and add googly eyes for a fun touch. Your child can use markers to add more details and create their own puppet characters.

7. Salt Dough Ornaments

Materials needed: Flour, salt, water, cookie cutters, paint, and ribbon.

Instructions: Mix flour, salt, and water to create a dough. Roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to create shapes. Make a hole at the top of each shape with a straw. Bake the shapes in the oven until hard, then let your child paint them. Thread ribbon through the holes to create ornaments.

These arts and crafts ideas from Wondrfly are simple, engaging, and provide an excellent opportunity for kids to express their creativity. They also offer a chance for quality bonding time with family.

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