Dilkhush Kumar’s Journey: From Rickshaw Puller to Startup Founder

Meet Dilkhush Kumar, a man who turned challenges into triumphs. Hailing from a small Bihar village, he faced rejection after completing Class 12. Job interviews didn’t work out, so he decided to start a taxi service. But here’s the twist: Dilkhush founded RodBez. It’s not your usual taxi service. RodBez is a unique database company. It connects customers with taxi drivers for outstation travel beyond 50 km. Dilkhush’s idea brought a new flavor to the taxi service game. RodBez stands out in its approach.

A Vision Unfolds: Starting from Scratch

Dilkhush Kumar’s story started in a small Bihar village. Job rejections pushed him to start a taxi service, but he didn’t follow the usual Uber or Ola route. Instead, he created RodBez, connecting customers with taxi drivers for outstation trips beyond 50 km.

Building Dreams with a Team: Graduates Join In

To make RodBez a reality, Dilkhush attracted graduates from IIT Guwahati and even part-time students from IIM. This dream team became the backbone of RodBez, propelling the startup towards success.

Overcoming Hardships: From Rickshaw Puller to Startup CEO

Dilkhush faced tough times, working as a rickshaw puller and selling vegetables. Rejected as a guard for being considered unpolished, he faced adversity but didn’t give up. Learning to drive from his bus-driver father, he stopped education at Class 12 due to financial constraints.

The Success Ride: RodBez Takes Off

Starting with a used Tata Nano, Dilkhush and his team swiftly elevated RodBez. In just 6-7 months, they secured funds worth Rs 4 crore. Initially, they covered every village in Bihar. The next big move? Connecting cities is on the startup’s agenda for the next phase. RodBez is on a journey of growth and expansion. Their big vision? Connecting every Bihar village with a taxi, with plans for expansion beyond Bihar.


Fair Wages for Drivers: RodBez’s Approach

What makes RodBez stand out? Besides innovation, it’s their commitment to fair driver wages. Dilkhush ensures drivers earn Rs 55,000 to 60,000 monthly, setting a positive industry example.

Dilkhush Kumar’s Past: A Glimpse into Struggles

Born in a Bihar village, Dilkhush’s journey from rickshaw puller to RodBez CEO shows resilience. Working various jobs, he faced financial struggles. Moving to Patna in 2011, irregular salaries frustrated him. Researching cab services led to RodBez.

RodBez App: Affordable Travel Solutions

Dilkhush’s RodBez app is Bihar’s largest for one-way taxi, taxi pool, and carpool services. It’s all about affordable travel. Verified customers easily connect for cost-effective carpool, taxi pool, and one-way rides. Forget the hassle of worrying about return fares. RodBez keeps it simple and budget-friendly for travelers in Bihar.

Believing in Yourself: Dilkhush Kumar’s Message

Dilkhush Kumar’s journey shouts, “Believe in yourself!” From rickshaw puller to startup icon, he proves that with determination, any goal is possible. His story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue dreams despite challenges.

Hope for Entrepreneurs: Dilkhush Kumar’s Success

In a country witnessing startup growth, Dilkhush’s RodBez success lights the way. His story echoes countless entrepreneurs turning challenges into triumphs.