Buying a Beautiful and Durable Laminate at Attractive Prices San Anton

Buying a Beautiful and Durable Laminate at Attractive Prices San Antonio TX

Laminate opened the door to the flooring market and became such a popular flooring that it seems it has always existed. Laminate appeared in Europe and the USA in the mid-70s of the last century, thanks to the American company Perstorp Industrial Group. In our country, this flooring became widespread only two decades later.

Modern durable laminate flooring is distinguished by advanced production technology, a multi-layer structure, and convenient “locks” that allow you to install the floor yourself, without the involvement of professional builders. If you want to buy high-quality laminate, check out the assortment in the corresponding section of the General Wood Flooring LLC catalog and place your order in a couple of minutes!

Common mistakes when choosing laminate

People who are far from construction and repair affairs sometimes make very typical mistakes when choosing a laminate for their home, without taking into account the characteristics of individual varieties of this flooring. Namely:

  • The class of laminate is selected incorrectly. A less durable and cheaper option is suitable for the bedroom, but it is better to cover the hallway with laminate with a higher wear resistance class.

  • Choosing the wrong substrate. Its thickness is selected depending on the “flatness” of the floor, and it is better to choose the most natural substrate material, for example, cork. Cheap substrates are less environmentally friendly and may smell “chemical”.

  • Laminate floors are made in unheated rooms. This is a grave mistake because this flooring can only be used in rooms with a constant positive temperature and humidity of 30-60%.

Qualified General Wood Flooring LLC managers are always ready to advise clients on the choice of laminate. Call, write, or communicate in person by visiting one of our capital stores!

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