Bigg Boss 17 First Week Update: Avishek Kumar, Mannara Chopra and Navid Nominated As Misfits  

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Bhaijan Sounds Prophetic

Remember what Salman Khan said to Mannara Chopra at the Grand Premiere of Big Boss? “Esa na ho ki pehle hafte me hi bahar aa jana”. Though Bhaijan said it jokingly during the 2 and ½ hour long episode to introduce the competitors of Big Boss 17, the words have now come true. The audiences are surprised.  

The new Big Boss house has always been a hub of controversies. This time too, there is no exception to it. The new season has already fuelled controversies. Truly speaking, audiences love these things and it also helps the show garner a good TRP.

This time, there are 3 Makaans in the Big Boss House and these are based on 3Ds – Dil, Dimaag and Dum theme.

Yesterday, we saw how Big Boss gave a warning to Vicky Jain, husband of Ankita Lokhande, for playing a silly prank on other contestants.

Former exes Avishek Kumar and Isha Malviya got into ugly fights with each other. Meanwhile, dramas in kitchen and the entire Big Boss house have successfully kept the ‘controversy’ pot boiling so far.

Nomination of Misfit Candidates

Now the show is heading towards the first weekend Ka Vaar and the contestants have been assigned with the task of nominating someone whom they think are not ‘suitable for the show’. The Dil house has nominated Mannara Chopra while she has named Nei Bhatt and made a comment on his less interaction.

From Dimaag house, Navid Sole has been nominated and contestants in Dum house have named Avishek Kumar. Avishek has chosen Khanzaadi. Novid looks insecure after coming to know about his nomination and his teammates confronts the man. Mannara’s eyes are full with tears. Expectedly, she did not expect it.  

Video Credit : Act Riders

Munawar Faroqui and Mannara Chopra have been summoned inside the confession room. The controversial comedian tells Big Boss that things are becoming intense.

Mannara is heartbroken and has named Vicky for her condition. She has confessed that she trusted Vicky most but the man has backstabbed her. Munawar comforts Mannara and advises her not to allow herself to get lost and instead, return to the game. Big Boss asks Munnawar to read a letter to the housemates.

Ever since the show started, Big Boss opened about being biased against some candidates in the house. The Dimaag room members are instructed to divide their duties mutually. After the prank, Rinku Dhawan, Mannara Chopra and Munawar Faruqui have been called into the Big Boss confession room where they have been announced as the host’s favourites.

Things are getting more exciting at Big Boss houses. Let us now keep on watching the upcoming episodes to know how bonds develop among the housemates.  

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Written by Nilanjan

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