AKB Finds the Perfect Shampoos for Every Hair Type

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Aap Ka Bazar, a monthly grocery app and store(s), offers a wide range of products including grains, pulses, rice, cooking oil, organic items, health supplements, spices, toiletries, and cosmetics.

To cater to every individual’s hair type, Aap Ka Bazar has curated a list of the best shampoos, and with thousands of brands and 28,000+ products, Aap Ka Bazar ensures you have the right shampoo to turn every day into a good hair day.

From boosting color and decreasing oil to defining curls and adding volume, there’s a perfect shampoo for everyone. These shampoos have been carefully curated by Aap Ka Bazar based on suggestions, reviews, and extensive research involving over 100,000 regular customers. This ensures that we present the best shampoos for every hair type and issue.

Best Shampoo For Dry Hair: Comparable to anything that lacks moisture, dehydrated hair loses its shine and appears dull, brittle, and frizzy. Symptoms of dry hair also include an itchy, flaky scalp that can’t produce natural oils. Therefore, L’Oreal Paris Hyaluron Moisture Shampoo, which provides 72 hours of moisture without weighing down the hair, is perfect for achieving strong, thick, and soft hair regardless of gender. The most important point is that Aap Ka Bazar is giving 50% off on the 650 ml bottle of this shampoo.

Best Shampoo for Fine Hair: Pluck a strand of hair and rub it between your fingers. If you can’t feel it, your hair strands are fine. If you can feel it, you have medium hair. For fine hair, Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long Shampoo is ideal for treating thin, weak hair regardless of gender because who doesn’t want thick hair?

Co-created with Mr. Teddy, a hair expert, and enriched with keratin yogurt, Aap Ka Bazar is offering 50% off on its 1-liter bottle to give you thick hair while keeping your wallet thick.

Best Shampoo For Oily Hair: Check your pillow when you wake up – oily hair leaves a thin layer on the pillowcase, making it feel greasy to the touch. If your scalp is often itchy, this can be a sign of oily hair. Place a tissue on your scalp when your hair is dry, inspect it under a light, and if you see grease, you have oily hair.

Therefore, Head & Shoulders Anti-dandruff Neem Shampoo, which controls scalp oil and itching caused by oily germs, is ideal. Aap Ka Bazar is offering ₹20 off on the 180 ml bottle of this natural ingredient-enriched shampoo.

Best Shampoo for Natural Hair: If your hair dries straight without a bend or curl, you have straight hair, commonly known as natural hair.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Hair Cleanser is designed for daily use without harmful chemicals, suitable for all hair types because of its natural herbs like reetha, amla, bhringraj, shikakai, neem, haldi, giloy, ghritkumari, and more.

Aap Ka Bazar offers thousands of well-known brands, including Patanjali, with up to 10% off, so you can buy your favorite Patanjali natural shampoo starting at ₹95 for a 180 ml bottle.

Best Shampoo For Curly Hair: Take a small section of your hair and wrap it around your finger. If it forms a spiral or coil, you have curly hair. If it remains relatively straight, your hair may be wavy or straight.

Matrix Opti Care Smooth Straight Shampoo is suitable for all genders in all seasons and is available at 10% off on Aap Ka Bazar’s app with same-day home delivery across Delhi.

Best Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair: Color-treated hair includes any hair that has undergone permanent color treatment, such as all-over hair color, balayage, highlights, lowlights, and gray coverage.

L’Oreal Paris Color Protect Protecting Shampoo, cruelty-free and guaranteeing 30-wash color protection, prolongs color radiance while giving strong, thick, and soft hair.

Aap Ka Bazar offers a flat ₹100 off on the 650 ml pump bottle, making it easy to use.

Aap Ka Bazar informs you that this list is broken down by hair type and texture, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. While the best shampoo for you will vary based on your hair type and desired style, you can’t go wrong with any item on this list. For personalized recommendations or concerns, check with your hairstylist but…

Aap Ka Bazar Informs You What to Look For in a Shampoo


Ingredients: Generally speaking, you want to avoid sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, and hexachlorophene as these dry out the hair, causing it to become brittle and weak. If your hair needs serious TLC, look for shampoos with moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil, and ceramides to bring your strands back to life.

Hair Type: The thickness of your hair matters. For example, the best shampoo for thick hair might weigh down thin hair, so make sure to learn about your hair type before shopping. Different formulas work differently for each hair type. For example, Curly hair is generally heavier and would weigh down someone with finer hair. A shampoo for shine wouldn’t be great for someone naturally oily because it would be too heavy. For thicker hair, look for something with shine or smoothing properties.

Sulfate-Free Shampoos: Sulfates, commonly found in shampoos, are powerful cleansers that remove dirt, oil, and product buildup. However, they can be too aggressive. Sulfates can be especially harmful if you have color-treated hair as they can cause your color to fade faster or alter your hue over time but there is one more question…

Aap Ka Bazar Clears You to How Often to Wash Your Hair:

Over-washing your hair is a thing, Aap Ka Bazar recommends washing every two to three days, depending on how oily your hair is.


If your hair is dry or curly, shampooing less, roughly every five to seven days, is better because consistency in your hair-washing routine is key to maintaining healthy hair.


Aap Ka Bazar says, there is no golden rule; just keep an eye on your hair needs, find a schedule that works for you, and stick to it.

This information is brought to you by A Monthly Grocery App after thorough internet research, therefore before choosing any skin or hair care products, consult your skin or hair expert but…

Remember, Aap Ka Bazar is offering up to 90% off on cosmetics and up to 75% off on other grocery items, with over 28,000 products available, therefore Delhities call it A Monthly Grocery App.

Visit their online grocery website, download the Aap Ka Bazar application, or visit an AKB Dwarka Grocery Store(s). Aap Ka Bazar also offers one-day home delivery across Delhi NCR, whether you order one shampoo bottle or your entire monthly grocery bulk.

Your monthly grocery destination is always ready to serve the best quality, original brands while saying #yahasabmilega


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Written by Aap Ka Bazar

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