7 simple but effective SEO tips for your Blog

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If you have a weblog and want to attract more visitors, SEO is an interesting option. With SEO – search engine optimization – you make your blog easier to find for visitors and search engines. You find out the words people use to search in search engines and consciously write them in your pieces. You now offer exactly what people are looking for and appear faster in Google and other search engines.

If you blog fanatically and pay little attention to search engine optimization, you can make your weblog easier to find with these 7 simple tips.

1. Use keywords

If you know what people type into search engines, you can consciously apply these words to your blog. You can quickly find frequently used combinations through services such as the Google Keyword Tool and Übersuggest (these tools also used in keyword research for google ads. Ideally, you write a piece for each relevant search term. Put the words in the title, the introduction, subheadings and incorporate them into image names and descriptions. Search engines read this.

Many bloggers find that SEO limits their creativity. We also offer Seo Company Dubai . they have more creativity . but you can also do it afterwards. First write a good story and then see if a keyword combination suits it, with which you can make the text easier to find. As a blogger you want to be read and if your blogs also attract readers via search engines in the long term, that is a bonus.

2. Put keywords in links

If you are linking to a previously written blog, include keywords in the linked text. For If the link refers to a blog that you have optimized for the combination ‘bee control’ then you kill two bees, uh, birds with one stone. Before a search engine follows the link it understands what the destination page is about and it is also 100% optimized for these words. If someone now searches for ‘bee control’ in Google then with a bit of luck you will be at the top.

3. Provide links

Links are incredibly important for search engine optimization. Because there are many pages that qualify for a place at the top of the search results, the number of votes for your blog counts a lot. If many related websites link to you, you apparently matter. Google rewards this with better search results, you have already proven yourself.

One way to get links as a blogger is guest blogging. Write an article for another weblog and offer it for publication for free. If the other person publishes the article, you can place a short closing box with information about yourself and a link to your website as a thank you.

Tip : Invite guest bloggers to your own site. You will get extra articles this way and the writers often refer to the piece on their blog. So it works both ways.

4. Blog regularly

Search engines try to imitate people as best they can. If you have to choose between a great blog that is filled daily or a hobby blog that doesn’t happen much, which do you prefer? Exactly. In addition, search engines like to see new pieces on a website. The more often you publish, the faster a search engine will visit your blog. It will always find something new there.

5. Make sharing easy

Google wants to provide visitors with the best possible blogs. These are the blogs that are appreciated and that people talk about. Nowadays, talking happens via social media and that is why tweets, likes and recommendations are becoming increasingly important for search engines. Therefore, make sharing your blogs as easy as possible with clear social media buttons and encourage sharing.

6. Cluster topics

People search in search engines with their own words and often these are very close to each other. You can choose one of these combinations and write a blog about it, but you can also create clusters.

Write several blogs based on the keywords and link to the pieces. If possible, use the chosen keywords in the linked text (see tip 2). This way, you give search engines all kinds of signals that you are the specialist in the field of this main keyword in all its variations.

7. Focus on interaction and encourage responding

Search engines love unique content. This includes your own blogs, but also the comments that people write below them, especially if keywords are included. A good example is the website, where consumer electronics are described and reviewed. The comments always contain names and type numbers of similar products, which gives search engines a lot to work with.

An additional advantage is that blogging is all about interaction and you want to create something in your readers. Whether this is emotion or purchasing your product or service. So let your blog come to life.


Bloggers are often averse to search engine optimization, because it would undermine their creativity. In practice, however, this is not the case at all. By only writing the words that people search for in blogs, you are already more findable and this immediately results in more visitors via search engines. If you write beautiful pieces, it is nice if they are read. Right?

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