10 Fun Designs for Custom Printed Sandwich Paper Wrapping

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Sandwich wrap paper is not only essential for any restaurant or fast-food business to have but is also a great way of expressing creativity and company branding. With so many eating establishments today ranging from deli stores, food trucks, and catering services, how you package your sandwiches will create an initial impression on your consumers. Here, we take a look at ten exciting designs for custom printed sandwich paper wrapping which should prove useful for your brand and your consumers out there.

Benefits of Sandwich Paper

Apart from its convenience in wrapping different types of foods, decorated sandwich paper has the following benefits. First of all, it is an effective brand promoter, as you can place your logo, slogan, or art on your customers directly. This helps in branding and establishment of your sandwiches in the clients’ memory and experience. Secondly, getting custom printed sandwich paper will help enhance customers’ experience by having their own professionally designed papers for packing.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Selecting the right material for your custom sandwich paper is important given the current global trends towards the conservative use of resources. Using products like recycled paper or biodegradable wax paper helps to achieve environmental objectives while also satisfying the sustainable consumer base. 

By incorporating recyclable or compostable materials into the design, like custom-printed wax paper for the sandwiches, you show guests that you care about sustainability without sacrificing taste or quality.

Rustic Kraft Paper Designs

Kraft paper with rural themes is one of the most commonly ordered custom sandwich wrap paper products. The shades of brown used in kraft paper are very close to nature, and thus the branding is set against this background. Depending upon whether the client chooses to get a logo stamp or full-colour printing, kraft paper gives the impression of a homemade, artisanal feel which customers associate with authenticity as far as food is concerned.

Vibrant and Playful Patterns

Therefore, adding elements of fun, such as vivid colors in the design of your custom printed sandwich paper, will always draw people’s attention. Try to use patterned fabric such as stripes, polka-dotted, geometric shapes with bright tones. Not only do these designs look good on your sandwiches, but it also brings out the fun and creative aspect. Custom printed sandwich paper with bright colors is preferred by young people and other individuals who want their culinary experiences to be as bright as possible.

Minimalist and Elegant Styles

When it comes to class, then simple yet glamorous tones are perfect. Choose simple geometric shapes, small logos, or slightly engraved text in restrained colors. This kind of custom wax paper attracts individuals who go for simplicity and elegance. 

Seasonal and Holiday Themes

If you want to expand your menu more practically and make your sandwich paper even more attractive, you can change its design depending on the season or holiday. Adds a seasonal flavor that can make the dining experience more enjoyable for your customers. Seasonal themes also prove that you can follow the trend and appreciate the given and upcoming celebrations.

Customizable Messages and Quotes

Extending the capability to provide your message or quote on the custom printed sandwich paper can be a way of touching your customers’ hearts. Use a printer to come up with quotes, cartons, or messages that are humorous, motivational, or even promotional for your brand. Even the use of sandwich paper customized with kind comments can be humorous and remind the customers that they are welcome and wanted, thus bringing them back for more and making them recommend friends to the particular bookstore.

Interactive and Educational Designs

If you want your custom printed sandwich paper to stand out, incorporating ideas of interactivity or giving information to your customers can improve their eating experience. Insert brain-tickling quizzes, challenges, or interesting facts that revolve around food and health or your business narrative. 

Modified sandwich paper with an openable top allows the customer to spend more time on your brand and is a perfect conversation starter that turns into a memorable experience right at the dinner table.


By choosing eco-friendly packaging, such as recycled paper or biodegradable wax paper, you also show your sustainability perspective. Take the chance to have your custom printed sandwich paper imprinted with special messages, quotes, or other engaging features to enhance your customers’ engagement with your brand. Discover all the options available when you use these papers to add value to your sandwiches apart from the taste and mouth-watering looks that they present.

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