Trucks piling up at Nepal border: Traffic jam on the national highway

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A large number of trucks are piling up at the Nepal border, causing traffic jam on the national highway. Trucks stranded on the national highway are blocking roads, causing a huge trouble for local people. With every passing day, the situation is getting worse. The local administration is equally worried and has already contacted Nepal administration to address the problem.

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The real problem

The caretaker Assistant Regional Transport Officer has reached the Sonauli border to evaluate the situation. CO Abha Singh and the ARTO have talked to the Sonauli custom officers regarding the issue. According to the officers, trucks are making slow entries into the other side of the border due to the on-going development work at Bhansar office premise.

For the last one week, the truck operators have also got into trouble for the vehicles stranded on the national highway. SDM Mukesh Singh informs the news reporters that Sonauli custom department has already been asked to talk to the officers of Bhansar regarding how to address the problem of increasing traffic jam on the national highway.

The slow entry of the vehicles into Nepal is the root cause of the recent traffic issue. The Indian side hopes to get the issue resolved as early as possible through talks. 

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Written by Nilanjan

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