Samsung doubles Galaxy SmartTag’s battery life, introduces a new, smarter version

Samsung has done away with the old punch-hole design in favour of a ring-shaped look to give a smart makeover to its Galaxy SmartTag. The South Korean brand claims that apart from a new look, the model will feel sturdier and more durable.

The Galaxy SmartTag 2, unlike its predecessor, comes in only a single model supporting both ultra-wideband and Bluetooth connectivity. The new version has a much improved battery life that can sustain for up to 500 days with normal mode being enabled and 700 days in power saving mode. It sounds unbelievable but is true.  


Samsung has announced their plans to bring an upgraded version of Galaxy SmartTag smart tracker in the market on October 10 through selected carriers and retailers. The model will be available at its office store as well.

Samsung has not increased the price for the new version of its Galaxy SmartTag. It will still come with a $30 price tag.

Unlike the first-gen model, the new version sports a ring-shaped appearance, ditching the punch-hold look. The company has promised a longer battery life for its second-gen Galaxy SmartTag, which will go on for 500 days in normal mode and can survive for 700 days with power saving mode turned on. That’s almost the double of battery life on its previous model that made its market debut in 2021.

In addition to battery upgrade, the new smart tracker comes packed with new features that will be capable of finding lost items more easily. For example, the feature Los Mode enables you to add your contact info to the tag via a message. Therefore, anyone who finds it can easily scan the tag and see how to bring it back to you. You can disable Lost Mode to keep your contact info private.

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Unlike the previous model, the new-gen Galaxy SmartTag combines both ultra-wideband and Bluetooth in one package. You can attach the tracker to whatever you often lose so that you can locate it through an app. Ultra-wideband can smoke out lost items if these are hidden behind your couch cushions or the likes.

The UWB connectivity also allows the SmartTag to use AR (Augmented Reality) to show the lost things on your screen along with a visual guide, provided you have UWB connectivity on your phone. You can use the tracker to take control of smart home devices, like thermostats and lights, via the SmartThings app.

In addition, the new Galaxy SmartTag will have a tougher build, with a rating of IP67 for water and dust resistance. Hence, you can track your lost items even in the most challenging conditions.

Galaxy SmartTag 2 has compatibility with Samsung phones, which is conspicuously missing in other top-rated Bluetooth tracker (For example, Tile). It has been a serious limitation since the first-gen SmartTag but now the company seems to have addressed the demerit.