Review: ‘The Vaccine War’ – A Glimpse into India’s COVID-19 Vaccine Journey

Vivek Agnihotri, known for ‘The Kashmir Files,’ presents a new film, “The Vaccine War,” delving into India’s battle against COVID-19. Is it propaganda or a documentary? That’s for you to decide. Here’s what I thought after watching it.

Vivek Agnihotri, the filmmaker behind ‘The Kashmir Files,’ has now brought us ‘The Vaccine War,’ a film that explores India’s fight against COVID-19. Is it propaganda or a documentary? That’s for you to decide. Here are my thoughts after watching the movie.

A Salute to Indian Scientists: ‘Covaxin’ Triumph in ‘The Vaccine War’

In ‘The Vaccine War,’ Vivek Agnihotri applauds the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology (NIV) for their pivotal roles in creating ‘Covaxin,’ India’s COVID-19 vaccine success story.

This film is a tribute to scientists’ unwavering dedication without the usual community conflicts or sensationalism. It’s a celebration of their remarkable achievement. Agnihotri navigates through politics, government bodies, and media influence skilfully, presenting information in a dense yet easily understandable way, without being preachy.

Balancing Science and Drama

In ‘The Vaccine War,’ complex scientific terms are presented in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. The first half may seem slow, but it serves a purpose. In the second half, the pace picks up, bringing the characters to life and fulfilling their journeys.

While the main story remains strong, Agnihotri cleverly weaves in subplots that add drama and subtly highlight government shortcomings. The film avoids being blatant propaganda or having a hidden agenda.

Nana Patekar Shines Bright in ‘The Vaccine War’

Nana Patekar is the standout star of this film. His sharp one-liners, strong presence, and unwavering attitude will keep you engaged throughout. You might even relate to his character, recalling your own experiences with bosses. Patekar brings his character to life with unmatched conviction, infusing the story with his dynamic dialogue delivery. His performance adds an electrifying layer to the narrative.

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Mixed Performances in ‘The Vaccine War’ Ensemble Cast

In the ensemble cast, Pallavi Joshi as Mrs. Abraham impresses, but her accent occasionally feels exaggerated. Raima Sen’s portrayal appears somewhat robotic, with her character’s depth emerging only towards the end. Developing her character’s backstory would have improved her role.

Anupam Kher, Girija Oak, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Sapthami Gowda, and Mohan Kapur, however, meet audience expectations with unwavering dedication to their respective characters, delivering sincere performances.

Review: ‘The Vaccine War’ – Drama, Truth, and Mixed Performances

The film’s intense scenes suffer from overly dramatic background music, making it hard to breathe at times. A particular song falls flat, and some subplots, like the monkey-finding, need tighter editing.

The portrayal of women as heroes could have been subtler.

While the intense scenes might be hampered by melodramatic background music, and certain subplots could use tighter editing, ‘The Vaccine War’ remains a compelling package. The film presents drama, truth, and commendable performances with unwavering conviction and sincerity. It’s a worthwhile cinematic journey that sheds light on a significant chapter in India’s battle against COVID-19.