Reliance Unveils JioGlass: A Futuristic Smart Glass with VR and AR

Reliance, a top telecom company in India, just revealed their new JioGlass at the IMC 2023 tech event in Delhi. This sleek and lightweight smart glass device is set to change how we experience the digital world. It’s like a fancy pair of glasses, weighing only 75 grams and looking stylish with its metal frame and two lenses.

What’s special about JioGlass? It can do both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) things. It’s super light and comfy to wear. Imagine having 3D virtual meetings, making holographic stuff, and making your video calls way cooler with it. You can even show your presentations on a virtual screen using JioGlass, making everything feel more immersive.

JioGlass: Your Window to a New Reality

JioGlass is not just regular glasses; it’s like a peek into the future of cool technology. It can turn your small phone screen into a huge 100-inch virtual display, making it feel like a big screen is right in front of your eyes.

What’s neat is it has a special part you can take off. With it on, you can do amazing VR stuff, and when you take it off, you can do cool AR things. It’s like having two worlds in one device!

The boss of Reliance Industries, Kiran Thomas, thinks JioGlass is super high-tech and will change how we learn and do things. He says it will make old-school geography lessons a thing of the past. And there’s more news from Reliance: they’re teaming up with Google to make a new kind of smartphone that’s not too fancy but still really good. They want to bring better internet to everyone in India.

JioGlass: Your Ultimate AR and VR Glasses

  • JioGlass is like wearing super light glasses, only 75 grams!
  • They look all futuristic with a shiny frame and two special lenses.
  • You can connect them to your phone using a cable; it powers them up and connects them to your phone.
  • Soon, they might even connect wirelessly, but for now, your phone can work as a controller.

Amazing Display:

  • JioGlass turns your small phone screen into a giant 100-inch display, like a floating screen.
  • Each eye sees in super clear 1080p.

AR and VR:

  • It has a part you can remove; when it’s on, you get to do cool VR stuff.
  • Take it off, and you can play with Augmented Reality (AR) things.
  • It comes with a trackpad to change the volume or screen brightness.

Sound and Calls:

  • JioGlass has two speakers for awesome sound and special 3D sound.
  • You can even answer phone calls with a built-in microphone.

Battery Life:

  • It runs for about three hours on a 4,000mAh battery.

Connect to Your Phone:

  • Connect it to your phone with a cable, and it works with your phone to do cool stuff.

Two Versions:

  • There will be two types of JioGlass, one for regular folks and another for businesses.
  • We don’t know how much they’ll cost or when they’ll be out, but maybe in the next two months.
Video Credit : CNN-News18

JioGlass: When and How to Get It 

Reliance, the company behind JioGlass, plans to release two versions of this smart eyewear: one for regular consumers and another for businesses. However, the company has not yet shared the price or when you can buy it. Some hints suggest it might hit the market later this year, possibly within the next two months.

If you can’t wait and want early access to JioGlass, you’re in luck. The Tesseract website has a “Coming Soon” notice and is running an Early Access Program. To get in on it, go to their official website and sign up. Just be prepared to share your name, business email, organization name, and other details when applying for the Early Access Program.

Reliance Paves the Way for Early Access to JioGlass and 5G Innovation

Reliance is teaming up with Tesseract to offer early access to JioGlass, a futuristic device that’s changing how we interact with the digital world. It’s lightweight, has amazing visuals and sound, and works seamlessly with your smartphone.

They’re also revamping their Jio TV+ service to make it easier for customers to discover content from different platforms and TV channels.

Reliance Industries has big plans for 5G, having built it from scratch. They’re eager to start trials as soon as they can get the necessary spectrum. They’ve even asked for permission to do lab testing of their 5G products.

Mukesh Ambani, the head of Reliance, is excited about supporting Indian startups. He believes Reliance Jio is the ideal partner to help startups succeed and contribute to India’s digital growth. Ambani highlighted the impressive capabilities they’ve developed in cutting-edge technologies, thanks to partnerships with 20 startup companies.