Pooja Bhatt Breaks Down After Losing the Finale Task to Abhishek Malhan on Bigg Boss OTT 2

Bigg Boss OTT 2 is one of the most popular and controversial reality shows on the web. The show features celebrities and influencers who live together in a house for several weeks, facing various tasks, challenges, and eliminations. The show is known for its drama, entertainment, and emotions, as the contestants try to survive and win the show.sEeC53qzU DYPup71KkQmHZBfz2K0EDVcXKzgSZpbApiAcV81Uh ukS5H43xNvwII1

One of the most emotional moments of the show happened recently, when Pooja Bhatt broke down after losing the finale task to Abhishek Malhan. The finale task was a crucial one, as it decided the first finalist and the last captain of the season. The task was also a tough one, as it involved collecting fruits from a basket, while preventing others from doing so. The task was full of aggression, competition, and tension, as the contestants gave their best to win the ticket to the finale.

However, things did not go well for Pooja Bhatt, who came second in the task, losing to Abhishek Malhan by a narrow margin. Pooja Bhatt was not happy with the result, as she felt that Abhishek Malhan played a very unfair and harsh game. She accused him of being too violent and hurting her during the task. She also questioned his integrity and dignity as a player. She said that she does not believe in winning at any cost, and that she can lose with grace.

Pooja Bhatt also expressed her disappointment with her team members, Abhishek Malhan and Bebika Dhurve, for not supporting her during the task. She said that she always stood by them and saw a zeal in them to win, but they did not reciprocate her loyalty. She apologized to them for losing the task and said that she was not upset but confused.

Pooja Bhatt also opened up about her life experiences and said that she does not get manipulated easily and supports who is right. She said that she never follows a winner blindly or stands by them, and that she will not change herself for anyone. She said that she stands by people for what they are, not for what they win.

Pooja Bhatt also warned her fellow contestants of the reality that awaits them outside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house. She said that this is not the real world and there are other worlds too, where they will have to face different challenges and consequences. She said that she does not want to be a part of such a world where aggression and unfairness are rewarded.

Pooja Bhatt’s breakdown after losing the finale task to Abhishek Malhan on Bigg Boss OTT 2 has sparked a lot of reactions from the fans and viewers of the show. Some have praised her for being honest and graceful, while others have criticized her for being emotional and weak. Some have also supported Abhishek Malhan for being competitive and smart, while others have slammed him for being rude and violent.

What Happened After Pooja Bhatt’s Breakdown?

After Pooja Bhatt’s breakdown, some of the contestants tried to console her and make her feel better. Avinash Sachdev hugged her and told her that she is a strong woman who does not need anyone’s validation. Jad Hadid also comforted her and told her that he respects her for being genuine and loyal. Jiya Shankar also praised her for being graceful and dignified.

However, some of the contestants also had arguments with Pooja Bhatt over her comments on Abhishek Malhan. Elvish Yadav defended Abhishek Malhan and told Pooja Bhatt that he played according to the rules of the game. He also told her that she should not judge him based on one task. Manisha Rani also supported Abhishek Malhan and told Pooja Bhatt that he did not hurt her intentionally.

Abhishek Malhan himself tried to talk to Pooja Bhatt and sort things out with her. He apologized to her for hurting her during the task and explained his point of view. He told her that he played with his full passion and energy, and that he did not mean to disrespect or offend anyone. He also told her that he considers her as his sister and respects her a lot.

Pooja Bhatt listened to Abhishek Malhan’s apology but did not seem convinced by his explanation. She told him that she does not hold any grudge against him but she does not agree with his way of playing. She told him that he should have been more careful and considerate while playing with others. She also told him that he should learn from his mistakes and improve himself as a person.

What Will Happen Next on Bigg Boss OTT 2?

The drama and excitement on Bigg Boss OTT 2 are not over yet, as the show is heading towards its grand finale. The show has eight contestants left, out of which Abhishek Malhan is the first finalist and the last captain. The rest of the contestants are Pooja Bhatt, Avinash Sachdev, Jad Hadid, Manisha Rani, Jiya Shankar, Elvish Yadav, and Bebika Dhurve.

The contestants will have to face more tasks, nominations, and eliminations in the coming days, as they compete for the final spot in the finale. The contestants will also have to face more twists and turns, as the show will introduce new elements and surprises to spice up the game. The contestants will also have to deal with more conflicts and emotions, as they get closer to the end of the journey.

The show will also have more celebrity guests and special appearances, who will add more fun and entertainment to the show. The show will also have a family week, where the contestants will get a chance to meet their loved ones and get some emotional support. The show will also have a reunion week, where the evicted contestants will return to the house and interact with the finalists.

The show will culminate with a grand finale, where the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2 will be announced. The winner will be decided by the public vote, based on the performance and popularity of the contestants. The winner will also get a cash prize and a chance to enter Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 15.


Pooja Bhatt breaking down after losing the finale task to Abhishek Malhan on Bigg Boss OTT 2 was one of the most emotional moments of the show. The moment showed the true colors and personalities of the contestants, as well as their passion and dedication for the game. The moment also showed how the show can bring out the best and worst in people, as well as test their limits and boundaries.We hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!