Manipur CM N Biren Singh Launches Permanent Housing Scheme for Displaced Persons

Permanent Housing Scheme

In a significant move to address the plight of displaced persons in Manipur, Chief Minister N Biren Singh inaugurated the Permanent Housing Scheme during a solemn ceremony held at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat on Thursday. 

The initiative aims to provide financial assistance for the construction of permanent houses to those whose homes were destroyed during recent episodes of violence.

Financial Assistance Breakdown

Under the scheme, selected beneficiaries from Imphal East, Kakching, and Bishnupur Districts received financial aid for the construction of their homes. The assistance is categorized based on the type of house:

  • Rs 10 lakh for damaged or burned-down pucca houses.
  • Rs 7 lakh for semi-pucca houses.
  • Rs 5 lakh for kutcha houses.

This support is expected to benefit more than 4800 beneficiaries across the state, with the financial aid disbursed in two installments.

Government’s Commitment to Rehabilitation

Chief Minister Biren Singh, addressing the gathering, highlighted the government’s commitment to rehabilitating those affected by the violence that erupted on May 3. He disclosed that the government had allocated a substantial amount of Rs. 399.82 crores for various relief measures, emphasizing the diverse nature of support provided.

The financial allocation covered a range of initiatives, including the establishment of the Manipur IT Centre for Exam, provision of television sets for relief camps, construction of prefabricated houses, relief camp management, and provisions for nutrition and winter preparedness, including breakfast for children in relief camps.

Continued Assistance and Future Plans

Acknowledging the ongoing challenges, Chief Minister Biren Singh revealed that the state government had already disbursed financial assistance of Rs 1,000 each to individuals staying in relief camps during the second round. Labour card holders residing in relief camps were also provided Rs 5,000 each to support the education of their children.

Looking ahead, the government has proposed an additional Rs 476 crores to the central government for various relief measures. This includes funding for the Permanent Housing Scheme, monetary assistance for those staying in relief camps, relief camp management, and the provision of cycles for girls in relief camps.

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A Call for Cooperation and Constitutional Resolution

In his address, Chief Minister Biren Singh urged the public to refrain from violence and encouraged them to bring their grievances through constitutional means. He assured that the government would not remain passive in the face of crimes and emphasized the need for collective efforts to restore peace in the state.


Chief Minister Biren Singh urged displaced individuals to visit their respective Deputy Commissioner’s offices to receive financial assistance, ensuring that the process is streamlined and verified. He also suggested seeking assistance from the District Rural Development Agency for construction work if families lack the necessary manpower.

The launching program was attended by ministers, members of the legislative assembly, chief secretary, security advisor, director general of police, senior government officials, and beneficiaries, marking a collaborative effort to address the housing needs of the displaced population in Manipur.

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Written by Nilanjan

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