Naan Mudhalvan Skill Development Portal Launched: Get Details in This Article

The announcement of the Tamil Nadu Skill Development Scheme was made before. However, all interested students have been eagerly waiting for the official website to become live. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin has launched the website for the Naan Mudhalvan and unveiled an exhibition of businesses providing courses, skills and training in different topics and disciplines. An MOU has been signed with 40 organizations. The official website will be a key asset in the field of skill development.

This page will have all aspects of the project covered, including its features, benefits, objectives, eligibility criteria and how to apply for jobs.

Naan Mudhalvan Skill Development Portal

Integral to employment creations and skill development through ‘Naan Mudhalvan’, the Tamil Nadu government has successfully signed MoUs with more than 40 organizations. More importantly, the web portal is now available to students who can register online to get benefits. TN Chief Minister Stalin unveiled the official website of the “Naan Mudhalva” scheme as well as inaugurated an exhibition of course providers, skill and training.

Naan Mudhalvan: Key Features

Ø  The scheme covers training on new-age technologies. Training is provided in the field of finance as well.

Ø  The program will also include competitive assessments and language upgrades.

Ø  The program recognizes prospective training providers to address of industry-specific needs.

Ø  This initiative will help students undergo training and get employment matching their specific skills.

Ø  The web portal also encourages students in the state schools to take interest in academics.

Ø  Information about paid and unpaid courses is provided through this skill development portal.

Ø  The project also guarantees to help a student decide what will work best for his/her.

 Naam Mudhalyan Scheme: Objectives

The objectives of the Naam Mudhalvan Scheme is to give a thumping boost to students’ education, thinking abilities, training, conduct, skills and research. In addition, it will also condense the job talent gap. This program will be under the direct supervision of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister with a view to teach and train students in their chosen fields/subjects, languages, technical knowledge etc. The official website of this program is This web portal has been designed to offer information about courses, examinations, education loans, scholarships and jobs.

Naam Mudhalyan Scheme: An Overview

The Name of SchemeNaan Mudhalvan
The Portal NameNaan Mudhalvan Platform
Launched ByTamil Naidu Government
BenefitsTo provide skill development courses and impart training

Naan Mudhalvan Skill Development Portal: Objectives

The major objective of the official portal is to devote a website exclusively to providing courses, training and skills on a range of topics so that students can achieve their further growth in life. The project is an initiative to encourage the youths of the state to enhance their skills.

Naan Mudhalvan Skill Development Portal:Benefits

The benefits of the portal are as follows:

Ø  The web portal is devoted to polishing skills and providing courses, and skill enhancement programs on a range of topics and disciplines, including programming, banking, information technology skills and emerging technologies (for example, blockchain) and many more. 

Ø  Some other benefits include facilitation of free skills, a psychometric exam and low-fee skill upgrading courses on emerging technologies. 

Ø  It will be easier for the students to study topics related to developing industries and emerging technologies such as, machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics. 

Ø  To achieve the goal, top firms such as Microsoft and Infosys provide specialised training modules. 

Ø  The Naan Mudhalvan website contains information about more than 2, 000 educational institutions and, so, 300+ different job opportunities.  

Ø  The portal will supply the young people of the state of Tamil Nadu with an ongoing opportunity to pick up the skills of their choices and to help them develop the means to ensure sustainable lives. 

Ø  Colleges, students and even corporations may stand to gain from using the portal. 

Ø  For colleges, the portal will help to develop skill-building programs with reputed IT companies, highly rated faculty development programs and subsidised certifications to stay in competition. In addition, jobs and campus skill initiatives from reputed organisations will be serviced under the portal. 

Ø  The students can use the portal to forge a partnership with globally acclaimed academic partners, polish their English Language skill and receive global mentorship. Besides, it will help them engage with universities to develop growth-friendly environments through research pilots, targeted systematic programs and faculty development. 

Ø  For corporations, the portal will create a powerful and reputed forum for industry and academia to connect. 

Ø  It is a forum to help connect with the government and share inputs for the development of Tamil Nadu.

Ø  For corporations, the portal will create a powerful and reputed forum for academia and industry to connect. Subsequently, you will get access to a pool of talented and trained workforce for both internships and placements. 

Ø  A total number of 9 segments are available on the portal to apply for the job. In addition, 354 more will be added. 

Naan Mudhalvan Skill Development Portal: Eligibility Criteria

Interested candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria to get benefits through this portal:

The applicant must be a permanent resident of Tamil Nadu. 

The applicant must be from a school or college to avail courses listed on the portal. 

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Naan Mudhalvan Skill Development Portal: How Apply for Job

Follow the step-by-step guideline to apply for a job through this portal. 

Ø  First, visit the official website of the portal i.e.

Ø  The HOME page will appear in front of you.

Ø  On the homepage, click on the Jobs menu. 

Ø  You will find 9 fields open on the portal. Many more will be added soon. 

Ø  Click on any of the available 9 fields as per your interest. 

Ø  As soon as you click on the field, a new page will open and it will be related to the respective companies of your chosen field. 

Ø  Click on a company of your choice. 

Ø  A new page will appear on your screen and it will have the title of Jobs Offered. 

Ø  Click on the Apply button to choose jobs from the table. 

Ø  After you click on the “Apply Button”, a new page will appear with complete details of the job, including designation and salary.

Ø  If you have successfully logged in, you can easily apply for a job.  

Naan Mudhalvan Skill Development Portal: How to Login

Take a look at the following guidelines to log in to the Naan Mudhalvan Scheme website.

Ø  First, open the official website i.e.

Ø  The HOME page will open on your screen. Click on the Login option.

Ø  The applicants may enter their username and password to log in to the Naan Mudhalvan Scheme. 

Ø  Click on the Login option and you are successfully logged in.