Motorola inaugurates adaptive & bendable pOLED display

At Lenovo Tech World 23, smartphone giant Motorola elaborates on pioneering AI advancements and path-breaking innovations in the field of flexible hardware, along with introducing amazing AI features. These include an advanced and complex personal assistant and generative theming.

What is Adaptive Display Concept?

Motorola is a pioneering name in the field of flexible display technology. The company has unveiled a concept device featuring a bendable FHD + pOLED display that can be shaped as per users’ needs. This innovation is developed on the company’s experience with rollable and foldable devices in both PCs and smartphones.

The adaptive display can undergo transformation from a regular Android phone setup to becoming something pretty nicely wrapped around your waist. Moreover, it can set in different set modes. When flat, the model works as a standard 6.9″ Android phone.

Upright, the model assumes the look of a self-standing device with a compact look of 4.6″ display. Tie it to your wrist, you will look smart. In this aspect, it is more like the external display on the razr+ from Motorola.

AI Concepts

Motorola understands the importance of personalization. So, they have come up with generative AI that can easily run on the device and allows users to personalize their devices. Users can upload images and create unique AI-driven pictures that can be used as wallpapers.


Lenovo is developing a personal assistant for smartphones and PCs. This Moto AI model shows continuity in learning and adapting to user patterns. At the same time, it also safeguards your privacy. The device allows for text interaction or natural voice for performing a wide range of tasks that include message drafting, scheduling and answering questions.

Most AI models rely on cloud. However, MotoAI performs data processing locally on the device coz the mechanism improves data security and privacy. It can easily adapt to user patterns, giving a more personal touch and becoming more helpful over time.

Video Credit : CNET Highlights

2.0 Mobile Doc Scan

AI-concept model helps in scanning real-time documents to respond to users’ needs. The feature helps in minimizing shadows and wrinkles and therefore, improves document quality.

AI Text Summarization

Motorola, with help of AI text summarization, helps users boost their creativity. The feature shortens long documents for quick read.

Privacy Content Obfuscation

This feature employs AI to safeguard user data by identifying sensitive parts and blurring the same in social posts.

Motorola’s revolutionary AI concept is a bold step towards the future of redefined daily experiences. It comes with generative AI wallpaper, cutting-edge privacy features, ability to transform wrinkled images into immaculate documents to take the concept of convenience a few notches up.

Motorola’s commitment to improving packetability, mobility and overall convenience for users is unquestionable, giving hopes for a brighter future every time it introduces a new thing.