Mahindra Thar.e SUV EV concept revealed

Mahindra is now raising the bar for other automobiles by creating a brand-new stylesheet. The future electric vehicle ranges of XUV.e have already shown us the way, and now the Thar is moving in a completely new direction. 

The Thar.e  EV concept was one among several things the business displayed during the event. The Thar.e  EV’s modified INGLO P1 platform serves as its foundation. Not only Mahindra unveiled this cutting-edge vehicle idea but also a new brand identity for its electric vehicle segment. Read below to know about the new Mahindra Thar.e concept.

Mahindra Thar EV concept based on the INGLO platform

INGLO, a new platform from Mahindra Thar.e, serves as the foundation for the company’s recently introduced array of electric SUVs. Its name, IN for India and GLO for Global, symbolizes the manufacturer’s origins and goals.

  1. The INGLO platform can underpin models of different sizes for varying segments. It is scalable in terms of wheelbase, length and width. Like most EV platforms, this one also offers the benefit of a flat floor. The flat floor allows for increased cabin space and versatile seating configurations.
  1. The INGLO platform can house battery packs of two different capacities. These are 60kWh and 80kWh. ‘Blade’ for the larger battery and ‘Prismatic’ for the smaller battery pack are two separate cell designs used in the battery back design that is shared by all Mahindra EVs. These batteries can sustain rapid charging which can complete a charge of 80% in less than 30 minutes. Vehicle-to-Load functionality is a feature of INGLO-based EVs’ electrical architecture as well. It enables one to power various electrical devices, such as home appliances and gadgets, using the energy stored in the battery pack of the car.
  1. Rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive powertrain options will be available for Mahindra Thar.e EV built on the INGLO platform. They have a single unit design that neatly incorporates the transmission, inverter, and electric motor into one compact device. The torque output ranges from 360 Nm to 560 Nm, while the rear eEngine configuration may be tweaked to produce between 231PS and 285PS. The performance of the AWD versions will range from 340 PS to 395 PS. The front eEngine is capable of producing 109 PS and 135 Nm on its own.
  1. With its skateboard-like architecture, the INGLO platform’s design helps users reduce their overall body weight. It is constructed with improved aerodynamics in mind and contains the electronic architecture for a smart battery management system that keeps the electric drivetrain’s range and performance in balance. The innovative brake-by-wire technology used in Mahindra EVs built on this platform is geared for energy recovery. 
  1. The computer power needed for cutting-edge technical features is housed on the Mahindra Thar.e INGLO platform. Information technology, autonomous driving capabilities, safety measures, and vehicle dynamics (such as the semi-active dampers in the suspension) are all included in this. Because of this, EVs based on this platform can provide greater ADAS technology, OTA updates for new features and functionality, and 5G connectivity.
  1. According to tests conducted by Global NCAP, Mahindra has been one of the top automakers in India when it comes to providing secure vehicles. According to the most recent GNCAP standards, the new range of EVs built on the new INGLO platform also aim for five out of five stars. The automaker said that for added protection, the EVs had a structural cage enclosing the passenger cabin.With a strong enclosure to prevent it from being severely damaged in an accident, safety is another important consideration in the battery pack design. To further prevent battery-related mishaps, the cell chemistry is rigorously evaluated for thermal and chemical stability in diverse settings.

The manufacturers have not yet declared the Mahindra Thar.e EV launch date. However, the expected launch date is by December 2024 or February 2025.