ISRO transfers its key space technology to two private players

From now on, private players will have a role in India’s space technology. The Indian Space Research Organization has transferred its key space technology to two private players in a week.

The transfer of IMS-I Satellite Bus Technology to Dhruva Space took place through NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), ISRO’s commercial arm.

The technology, designed to ensure low-cost access to space, was developed at U R Rao Satellite Centre under the guidance of ISRO. The transfer ceremony was hosted at NSIL headquarters.

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What purpose it will serve?

The technology transfer to the private sector is a landmark move and is intended to boost participation from the private sector in India’s space research.

The transfer of key space technology to private players is believed to help India achieve technological self-dependence in the space sector.

The IMS-I satellite bus, a versatile platform, is designed to function as a dedicated vehicle for different payloads, enabling Earth imaging, studies on the ocean and atmosphere, space science missions and microwave remote sensing.

The IMSA-1 bus weighs about 100 kg and can accommodate a payload of 30 kg. Loaded with solar arrays capable of generating 330W power, it can offer a 3-axis stabilization on the strength of four reaction wheels. Pointing accuracy is ensured by a 1 Newton thruster.

ISRO has utilized this high-end technology in their previous missions Micosat-2D, Youthsat and IMS-1.

With this milestone move that marks space technology transfer to the private sector, ISRO aims to help India achieve tremendous growth in the space sector and make the country technologically self-reliant in this industry. This development will hopefully open the floodgates of new opportunities for private players to be a part of India’s space exploration and research, keeping with the country’s vision of expanding its presence in the world space market.

Dhruva Space

Dhruva Space, one of the private players receiving the IMS-1 technology transfer, is a leading name in the Indian space industry.

The company offers full-stack space-engineering solutions across ground segments and launch space. They also develop small satellites for academic, commercial and government markets.

The transfer of space technology under the aegis of none other than ISRO is a harbinger of a new era in the country’s space sector. It will encourage increased participation from private players in taking India’s space mission and industry forward.

India, with this remarkable move, is determined to make significant progress in space research and exploration by using the potential of its private sector to ensure greater reliability in space.

We will wait to know what the future has in its store!