Haryana Introduces Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Yojana 2023: Free Transportation for Underprivileged Families

Haryana is popular for its rich culture and traditions. It’s a celebration of smiles and a burst of joy as Haryana introduces the “Haryana Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Yojana. This scheme is  referred to as the “HAPPY Yojana.” This isn’t just a scheme; it’s a carnival of change, a fiesta of fairness, and a jamboree of justice!

Picture this: Haryana, the land of diversity and warmth, has decided to throw open the doors of opportunity. Especially for its Antyodaya families – the ones who need it the most. With this the state is unleashing  transformation, creating pathways for a brighter future. This groundbreaking initiative is set to revolutionize travel. It will not only make travel accessible but also a joyride of affordability.

Imagine the streets alive with cheer, families united by the prospect of cost-free journeys.  The HAPPY Yojana is like the key to a magic carpet. Thus promising to whisk away the financial burden of travel for those who need it most.

In this land of festivities, where each day is a celebration. The Haryana Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Yojana is the latest star in the show. It’s a whirlwind of change, a symphony of compassion, and a promise of a brighter future. Thus making a more accessible tomorrow. Welcome to the HAPPY Yojana, where happiness is not just a word; it’s a way of life!

What is Haryana Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Yojana 2023?

The Haryana government initiated the Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Yojana on October 2, 2023. It was unveiled during the Antyodaya Mahasammelan held in Karnal. The Union Minister  Shri Amit Shah, announced this scheme during the event. 

The primary goal of this scheme is to provide free bus travel for Haryana’s Antyodaya families. Thus enabling them to travel without incurring any expenses. This remarkable initiative will offer free transportation for up to 1,000 km in Haryana Roadways buses.

This scheme targets Antyodaya families with more than three members and an annual income below one lakh rupees. By offering free travel, the Haryana government seeks to uplift these underprivileged families. Thus making transportation more accessible and cost-effective.

Key Highlights and Benefits of Haryana Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Scheme 2023

Below are the some of the Haryana HAPPY Scheme key features and benefits:

  • Free Transportation for Underprivileged Families: The primary benefit of the Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Yojana is that it offers free transportation to Haryana’s most disadvantaged families.
  • Annual 1,000 Km Free Travel: Eligible beneficiaries can avail themselves of up to 1,000 km of free travel in Haryana Roadways buses each year.
  • Income-Based Eligibility: To qualify for this scheme, families must have an annual income of less than one lakh rupees. Thus ensuring that the neediest families receive the support they require.
  • Empowering Underprivileged Families: By providing cost-free transportation, this scheme empowers underprivileged families and allows them to travel from one place to another without the financial burden associated with transportation costs.
  • Ease of Access: With easy access to free bus travel, beneficiaries can move more freely within the state, whether it’s for work, education, healthcare, or other essential needs.
  • Financial Savings: This initiative offers significant savings to beneficiaries who would otherwise have to spend money on transportation.
  • Widespread Coverage: The Haryana government aims to implement this scheme across the entire state, making it accessible to as many eligible families as possible.
  • Improvement of Socioeconomic Conditions: The Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Yojana is expected to have a positive impact on the socioeconomic conditions of underprivileged families.

Haryana HAPPY Scheme 2023 Eligibility Criteria

The benefits of the Haryana Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Yojana are exclusively available to Haryana residents.

  • Only Antyodaya families in the state are eligible for this program.
  • To qualify, the annual income of the applicant’s family must be less than one lakh rupees.
  • Families with three or more members are eligible for this scheme.

Required Documents:

To apply for this scheme, you will need the following documents:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Family Identity Certificate
  • Residential Proof
  • Income Certificate
  • Mobile Number
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How to Apply for Haryana Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Yojana?

Details regarding the application process are not yet available, as the official website for this scheme is yet to be launched. However, it is expected to provide an online platform for eligible families to apply easily.


The Haryana Antyodaya Pariwar Parivahan Yojana, or HAPPY Yojana, is set to bring significant positive changes . It aims for the betterment of the lives of underprivileged families in Haryana. Not only this made travel accessible but also addressed the challenges that these families face. 

This initiative represents a step towards greater socio-economic inclusion. Thus empowering those in need and enabling them to be within the state. As the program rolls out, it is expected to impact the lives of countless Antyodaya families. Thus providing them with the opportunity for a brighter future.