Target firing up the celebration with Ghost Mugs at best Price

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In the beginning, I was so excited to have my collection of ghost mugs. I had to track them all throughout. Now, I can proudly say that I have collected them all. My collection consists of a Target pumpkin mug, Target jack-lantern mug, Target ghost mug, and another damn spooky mug for sure.

The best thing about these mugs worth mentioning? They all bear the price tag of just $5. All this cuteness at such an aggressive price. No other justification that all these mugs are so popular. At the same time, these are microwave and dishwater safe.

Target Ghost mugs on Fire

Target is not only selling snacks and giftable items these days but also selling some adorable seasonal items. One of them is the Target Christmas ghost mugs that have arrived just to serve the season.

Currently, the market is booming with the things you have been waiting to buy for a year. Target is on fire selling some absurdly cute mugs that are worth buying this festive season. $5 threshold ghost mugs is something charmingly beautiful with ghostly energy that should be incorporated in your cupboard asap.

Halloween is an absolute time of joy and immense happiness. From the burning pumpkins to all the spiced-up web and bat decorations are everyone’s all-time favorite. In a home of orange fire decorations, strands of decorating lights, and a dining table circled with peoples in ghostly and deadly costumes, ghost coffee mugs us a perfect fit. The mug is perfect for holding hot chocolate spiced up with pumpkin as well.

Threshold Ghost mugs: The mug that created hype

The mug that created the hype is the threshold ghost mugs. It succeeded in providing a nice ghost vibe. If you manage to get one for yourself, you will feel like it is about to kiss you. Nothing can be cuter. Although last year it brought an open circle mouth, this year, the noticeable clicky smiles kill us all.

Ghost mugs 2: Cuteness Overloaded

Lately, another ghost mug was found at Target. It appeared under Hyde and EEK Boutique. And truth be told, it was more adorable than the last one. Incorporating an “O” shaped mouth and eyes and a pair of little orange feet, it was damn appealing. Another good thing about this mug is that it comes in two sizes: the regular and the mini one (6 oz)

Although there are other mugs like pumpkin and lantern, if you are a fan of cute things like me, you should not miss these ghost mugs. These are even more special than the hype.

A Charming Celebration with Target

Celebrating on Budget

Target is currently on the fire of selling things at very reasonable prices, heating up the market, and celebrating the festival all with joy. If you are in a high spirit and you can’t afford costly items from the market, you are totally free to pick up the right place, Target.

Target’s seemingly the Best Seller this year.

Agreed that Halloween is all about spooky things, but scary mixed with a little cuteness will harm no one for sure. Target’s ghost coffee mug should be included at the top of your bill. Those who enjoy the festival but also avoid terrifying things and are not into freakiness will love them.

Why do People love this mug?

The super cute drinkware is adorable for many reasons. First of all, it’s not spooky for sure. Those little blobs have no possibility of frightening you. And that mouth is the cutest one would have ever seen. The mug’s overall size is perfect. It is compact and can hold 10 ounces of coffee which is, I think, okay. Again, if you check out #Targethalloween on Instagram, this ghost mug will possibly appear everywhere. And why should it not?

A deal is better than everything!

It makes obvious sense at $5, which is the absolute worth of this cute decor dishware. Whenever you reach Target next, you should at least look for these ghost cups. I am damn sure, intoxicated by its charm, you wouldn’t leave without adding it to your cart.

Tips and Trick 

However, I forget to mention the trick that I used to get one for myself. All you have to do is to be ready for the stock to arrive and throw your hand in the basket asap. To be prepared beforehand, you can follow the following steps:

  • Avoid unnecessary tips from Target that they push. Sometimes they let you order online.
  • Register for the application
  • You can Wishlist the item and turn on notifications for the product for the stock to arrive.
  •  You will get a message when the stock arrives via text or email.
  • As soon as you witness notification, enter the application as quickly as you can, add the item to the cart, and checkout without another second thought.
  • If you have Target red card, you can opt for free shipping and quick and safer payment.


The only problem is that the Target Halloween mug is not easily trackable. They have become some much popular in recent years that it sells out in a matter of seconds as the stocks arrive.

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