Former Milk Basket Owner Anant Goel’s New Venture “Sorted” Raises Over $5 Million in Seed Round!

In a dynamic shift from leading MilkBasket, Anant Goel has embarked on a fresh journey with Sorted, an omnichannel platform revolutionizing the way we access fruits and vegetables. The startup, co-founded by Nitin Gupta and Sahil Madan, has garnered over $5 million in its ongoing seed round, marking a promising start to its mission.

Sorted brings a tech-driven approach to the traditional realm of fruits and vegetables, ensuring consumers access farm-fresh produce at competitive prices. The platform boasts its technology and relies on a network of digitized mom-and-pop stores to provide a seamless experience for users.

With a commitment to efficiency, Sorted employs data-first, AI-led forecasting, demand analysis, and price benchmarking. Nitin Gupta, the CTO and Co-founder of Sorted explains, “We can deliver better value to farmers, higher income for mom-and-pop shops while improving quality and reducing prices for the end customer.”

Anant Goel, the visionary Milk Basket owner, recognized a significant gap in the market when it came to fresh produce. Traditional grocery models struggled to meet the unique demands of the fruits and vegetables segment, primarily optimized for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sales. Goel saw an opportunity to address these inefficiencies and set out to create a platform that caters specifically to the distinct characteristics of fruits and vegetables.


Sorted: Transforming the Fresh Produce Landscape

Sorted is not just changing the way India buys fruits and vegetables; it’s tackling the inefficiencies that plague existing supply chains. With a franchisee network of digital mom-and-pop stores, Sorted has emerged as a frontrunner in this $160 billion, high-frequency, and high-margin category.

Anant Goel emphasized, “We have undertaken multiple POCs over the last nine months to solve the known industry issues, especially wastage while answering for growth and profitability.” The focus on reducing wastage is crucial in the agritech space, where efficient supply chain management can make a significant impact.

A Seasoned Entrepreneur’s Insight

Anant Goel, a seasoned entrepreneur in the fruits and vegetables space, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as the CEO and co-founder of Milk Basket. In 2021, Reliance Retail acquired Milk Basket for $40 million, further solidifying Goel’s credentials in the grocery industry.

Sorted marks Goel’s foray into the fruits and vegetables segment, recognizing the untapped potential in this high-demand category. His astute understanding of the industry positions Sorted to not only address existing challenges but to capture a substantial share of the market.

The Growth Potential in Fresh Produce Delivery

The past few years have witnessed a surge in the adoption of fresh fruits and vegetable delivery services, driven by increasing digital penetration and the growth spurred by the pandemic. Startups in this sector have attracted significant funding, reflecting the industry’s potential.

Last year alone, startups like Akshayakalpa, Harvesting, and Deep Rooted secured substantial investments, highlighting investor confidence in the agritech space. According to a Bain & Company report, agritech investments in India could skyrocket to $35 billion by 2025, signifying the sector’s tremendous growth potential.

Sorted’s Unique Proposition

What sets Sorted apart is its unique approach to stocking and selling fruits and vegetables. By simplifying the process for mom-and-pop stores, Sorted aims to make the experience of procuring and selling fresh produce easier than dealing with pre-packed products from established FMCG brands.

Sorted’s omnichannel model allows users to access the platform through various mediums, including calls, messages, and online or offline channels, leveraging its extensive network of mom-and-pop stores. This approach not only enhances convenience for consumers but also aligns with the preferences of those who prefer to handpick their produce.

The Farmer, the Shop Owner, and the Customer – A Holistic Approach

Anant Goel, in an interview with CNBC-TV18, outlined Sorted’s holistic approach to the fresh produce supply chain. He emphasized the three key stakeholders: the farmer, the mom-and-pop shop owners, and the end customer.

For farmers, Sorted is focused on ensuring better value realization for their products. The platform seeks to address the challenges faced by mom-and-pop shops, working towards a comprehensive 360-degree solution. Finally, for the end customer, Sorted aims to deliver fresh farm produce within a few hours of harvest, addressing a spectrum of pain points in the traditional supply chain.

In an era where sustainability, quality, and efficiency are paramount, Sorted emerges as a promising player in the agritech landscape. Anant Goel’s expertise, coupled with a dedicated team, positions Sorted to not only bridge existing gaps but also thrive in a market hungry for innovation.


Anant Goel’s journey from being the Milk Basket owner to the founder of Sorted signifies a strategic shift towards a sector with immense growth potential. As Sorted continues to secure funds and make strides in the fresh produce delivery market, it stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to adapt to evolving market demands. In the realm of agritech, where every harvest is an opportunity, Sorted is sowing the seeds of change, one fresh fruit and vegetable at a time