e-NAM National Agriculture Market 2023: Details about the Scheme, Features, Benefits and Registration Process 

e-NAM portal is a central government initiative made available to Indian farmers in order to help them market their products through the online platform, where farmers can sell their products at good prices. The full form of e-NAM is e-National Agriculture Market. Through this online portal, both sellers and buyers have been brought to a common platform. The central government launched the portal in 2016. This is a fully digital portal. Farmers can market and sell their products online through this portal. Furthermore, they can also solve their problems via this portal. 

Farmers, who are aware of online marketing, are getting huge benefits through e-NAM. They are selling their products via eNAM. They can even borrow money from their banks in exchange of their products. The objective of launching this portal is to solve the problems related to agriculture products and keep farmers informed about the agriculture products and lands for their benefits. e-NAM is an online national agriculture market where farmers can sell their agro products. 

In this article, we will talk about the objectives and benefits of eNAM in detail and also inform our readers about how to register on this portal. Therefore, read the article carefully. 

National Agriculture Market 2023.

e-NAM or e-National Agriculture Market is an online marketing platform. Its objective is to make benefits of online marketing available to farmers and businessmen. The portal will benefit farmers, businessmen and buyers. On this digital platform, the descriptions and prices of the agriculture products procured from around 585 large markets (Mandi) will be made available. 

This portal connects all the online platforms of agriculture markets across the nation. The portal enables the farmers to sell their products anywhere in the country. The farmers will get competent prices for their products on this online marketing platform. The portal has also proved helpful for the central government in their planning to double the farmers’ income. 

Details of e-NAM Portal 2023

Name of Portal: e-NAM Portal 

Year of Launch 2016

Related Department: Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Official Website: www.enam.gov.in

Helpline Number/Toll Free Number: 1800 270 0224

The full form of e-NA is National Agriculture Market. 

Success of e-NAM Portal

From the very beginning, e-NAM portal has been a huge success. A large number of farmers across India have got benefits through this portal. Till date, around 1.63 lakh businessmen, who deal in agriculture products, have registered their names on this portal. In addition, around 100 mandis (large market for agriculture products) have been connected to this digital marketing platform.

All the well-known mandis of India have been connected to this portal. Furthermore, farmers will get to know agriculture-related information via this portal. All these are testaments to the portal’s success. 

How Will e-NAM Portal Benefit Farmers?

Two major benefits of e-NAM are:

Farmers will get the right prices for their products. They can market and sell their agriculture products through this online portal.

Since the launch of e-NAM, farmers have been able to sell their products directly to the potential buyers through this portal. e-NAM has completely eliminated the intervention by the middlemen.

There are several other benefits of e-NAM:

Information related to farmers, agriculture lands and products is made available through this portal. 

The portal facilitates both selling and buying of agriculture products through this online platform. 

Farmers can easily sell their products through e-NAM. Businessmen can buy these products and retail them on the same platform without any problem. 

The portal will connect all the farmers and businessmen (who deal in agro products), enabling them to get more benefits easily. 

Information about the prices that farmers will get after selling their products and the prices which businessmen will pay to buy the products will be made available through the portal. This will bring and maintain excellence in the entire procedure.

After the launch of this portal, farmers will not have to depend on stockists any longer; rather they can easily sell their products through this portal. 

Many types of agro products can be sold on this platform, which include lentils, potatoes, peas, green vegetables etc.

Purchase and sale at the right prices will bring efficiency in the system. 

The portal will also have the facility of e-bidding. 

The amount farmers earn by selling their products via this portal will be directly deposited to their accounts.

What are the Salient Features of e-NAM Portal?

After the portal was launched, it has connected all farmers across the country, implying that farmers are now able to sell their products in and out of their resident states.

Through the portal, even the smallest of small and the largest of large agro product markets (mandis) will be connected. 

This portal will function through small farmers and businessmen. 

These are some important features of e-NAM. In addition, there are some eligibility criteria for name registration on this portal. Without meeting these criteria, no one will be eligible to register on the portal. The biggest advantage of this portal is all farmers can get benefits through this online platform.

Required Documents to Register on e-NAM

To register on this online portal, applicants must have the following documents: 

Adhaar Card

Identify Proof

Bank Account

Passport-Size Photo 

Online Registration on e-NAM

To get benefits of e-NAM, you need to register your name on this portal. You should take help of the official website and this online portal to complete the name registration process. Only after your name is registered, you will be able to get the benefits of e-NAM. 

The functioning of the portal has been implemented through Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Department. A website has also been launched for the purpose. This portal is available online and farmers can log in through the website. 

Video Credit : Amit Sengupta

How to Register Online on e-NAM Portal?

Step 1: Visit the official website. 

Step 2: The Home page will open on your computer screen. Click on ‘Registration’.

Step 3: The registration form will appear on your screen. Fill out the form by providing the required information carefully. 

Step 4: After you are done with the Step 3, you will be asked to upload bank passbook/cancel cheque. Upload it in the place provided. 

Step 5: Next, enter the Captcha Code and click on ‘Submit’ button.

How to Log in?

First, visit the official portal of e-NAM.

The Home page of the official website will appear on your screen. 

Click on Login option.

A new page will open on your screen. Enter your User ID and Password. Next Enter Captcha and click on ‘Submit’ button. 

How to Install e-NAM Mobile Application?

You can easily install e-NAM app on your Android mobile. With help of this app, you can quickly check information from your handset. 

Step 1: Open Play Store of your mobile.

Step 2: Type e-NAM in the search box of Play Store and click on Search button. 

Step 3: Several mobile applications will open on your screen. You need to choose the official webpage and click on the same.

Step 4: Now the e-NAM app will be downloaded on your Android smartphone. 

New Services Launched through e-NAM Portal

The portal was launched back in 2016. Several new services have been added to this portal. Honourable Central Government Minister Sri Narendra Singh Tomar has introduced these new services. The details of these added services have been described below:

Information about Mandi (large market): Information related to mandi has been uploaded on the portal.

Government Module: All the activities on e-NAM portal will be performed according to the government module. For example, the co-operative committee on this portal can sell products from warehouse to farmers without any intervention by APAMC, implying it will not be mandatory to transport agro products to mandi. 

Information about Weather Forecast: Information about weather forecast will be made available to farmers through e-NAM. Farmers will be informed about the timely forecast of rain, storm etc