Delhi 2023 Female Cab Drivers Scheme

Delhi government has announced a scheme for would-be female cab drivers so that they can be at par with their male counterparts. The government has named this package Delhi Female Cab Drivers Scheme.

Since, cab driving is still considered a profession for only men, such a scheme would benefit those women who want to earn their bread and butter by driving cabs. State Government’s help will encourage these women to take up cab driving as a profession. The scheme is an exemplary step in today’s society. Delhi Government has already announced free bus travel for women’s benefits.

Delhi Female Cab Drivers Scheme 2023

Under the Delhi Female Cab Drivers Scheme, would-be female cab drivers will receive adequate training as well as financial assistance so that they can compete with male cab drivers. Arvind Kejriwal’s government is now focussed on receiving inputs from Delhi residents.

More women have expressed their interest in becoming professional cab drivers on multiple online forums. Considering the upward ‘interest’ curve, Delhi government has taken steps to help them in every possible way, from imparting professional training to providing financial help.

Under the program, Delhi government will bear 50% of the training cost for each aspiring female cab driver. It means they have to spend nearly Rs. 4, 800 for an individual. For the remaining part, the government will look for fleet owners and organizers. The administrations at Sarai Kale Khan, Loni and Burari will build up in-house Driving Instruction Centres to impart personal training.

In addition to providing training, the scheme will also guarantee employment for the trained women in the firms. The transport department will request EOIs from vehicle makers and aggregators so that they can have a record of how many women have received training under the scheme.

Purpose of Delhi Female Cab Drivers Scheme

Delhi Female Cab Drivers Scheme is an initiative for women empowerment. The objective of the scheme is to provide both financial and professional support to the aspiring women taxi drivers. The scheme will not only provide proper training but also guarantee safe jobs for women in the driving sector that is largely dominated by men. The scheme is expected to brighten career prospects for women in the male-dominated public transport industry.

Highlights and Benefits of Delhi Female Cab Drivers Scheme

Ø  Under the scheme, the government will bear 50% of the expenses for training and the remaining 50% will come from private fleet owners and organizers.

Ø  In collaboration with app-based aggregators, Delhi government will provide free driving license to 1, 000 trained women.

Ø  For more employment opportunities, Delhi government will approach private firms to employ women drivers.

Ø  Under this financial scheme, women can receive training not only for taxis and cabs but also for giant trucks. Till now, more than 75 women drivers have undergone training under the scheme and 35 women have received MMV licenses for driving heavy vehicles. Training is still underway at the DTC training facility.

Ø  Under the scheme, Kejriwal’s government has relaxed eligibility requirements and certain norms to create more employment opportunities for women bus drivers.

Ø  A big advantage of availability of qualified women drivers is passengers can choose between a male and a female driver while booking a cab.

Ø  The scheme will make it easier for women to get jobs in DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) and DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System), which have the total fleet strength of nearly 7300 buses.

Ø  Under Delhi Mahila Yojana, women will receive training to drive Delhi government buses. Till now, more than 76 women have completed the training program and 35 have obtained their HMV licenses.

Eligibility Criteria

Ø  The applicant must be a woman

Ø  The applicant must be a resident from Delhi

Documents Required

Important documents required for Delhi Female Cab Drivers Scheme include:

Ø  The applicant’s ID proof

Ø  An address proof to support that the applicant is the resident of Delhi

Ø  Contact number

Ø  Email ID

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Delhi Government’s Female Cab Drivers Scheme: A Far-Sighted Vision

Ø  Delhi government has taken the initiate for women empowerment with a clear intention of promoting women’s participation in public transport of India’s capital city.

Ø  Delhi amended laws to recruit more women bus drivers.

Ø  The upper bar for women bus drivers has been relaxed to 153 cms (previously it was 159 cms).

Ø  Delhi government has created fresh employment opportunities for women bus drivers out of 15, 000 bus drivers in the state.

Ø  After the ‘driving’ training, women will get jobs in Delhi’s public transport sector.

Ø  In 2021, Delhi banned 33% of new e-auto registrations for women drivers.

Ø  Women passengers are encouraged to use Delhi’s public transport system.

Ø  DTC is asked to employ more women bus drivers.

Ø  Several projects are taken to promote women’s employment in private sector.

Ø  Under the Delhi Mahila Cab Driver Scheme, the women who have undergone training, will receive instructions on how to operate the public buses in nation’s capital city

Application Process

Delhi Government is yet to launch any official portal or website for women’s registration under the scheme. We will inform you through our platform as soon as scheme-related information is announced by the government.