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France, one of the most developed countries in Europe, is a favorite destination for students and career-oriented people from different parts of the world. It is a nation known for world-class education and some of its universities are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world

Besides, France offers excellent places for the stay of students. There are numerous places available here to accommodate international students who have come here to acquire higher education. Sometimes, accommodations play a vital role for students in deciding on choosing a city or region for their studies. So, comparing student housing across regions in France will be significant for students. For this, we have chosen two popular cities in France: Paris and Lyon. 

So, here, we will compare student housing in Paris and Lyon.

Paris: The Capital of Opportunities and Challenges 

Paris, the capital and center of France, has some of the best universities like the Sorbonne, Sciences Po, and ENA. The city holds a great appeal to thousands of students, who flock to it making it a center for learning. However, this popularity does not come cheap as is evidenced by the current prices. 

Housing Options and Costs 

Accommodation for students in Paris is one of the most expensive in the whole world. Small studio apartments in Paris from the center may cost €800 to €1,200 per month. Student apartments are common where every student could pay for a flat from 500 to 800 euros a month. Since there is usually a high demand for  Paris student accommodation in France, it becomes very difficult to get a cheap house. 

To ease this pressure, the Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires or CROUS provides student hostels. These residences offer even more accessible choices in terms of rent, from €200 to €600 a month, depending on the location and the facilities. However, these are favored, and the student is likely to find himself on a waiting list for admission to the class. 

Besides, students can get affordable off-campus student housing in Paris with the help of some online student accommodation service platforms.  

Quality and Accessibility 

Of course, the quality and the variety of student housing in Paris have lots of differences. While some of the learners are housed in new and classy facilitated houses, others are in old houses with few amenities. Access to university and public transport is always considered important since centrally located and well-connected districts are regarded to be even more desirable and costly.

Although living in Paris might be relatively expensive, the advantages of living in such an environment in terms of culture and education make the high expenses worth risking for many people. 

Lyon: The Balance of Affordability and Quality. 

Lyon is the third most populous city in France and has been rich in history, and food culture and is home to the University of Lyon and École Centrale de Lyon. It offers a slightly different and somewhat more cost-effective experience for the student compared to Paris. 

Housing Options and Costs 

It is worth noting that the cost of student accommodation in Lyon is considerably lower than that of Paris. The rent of a room in a shared apartment can cost from €350 to €600 monthly, and the studios can be rented for €400-700. Other numerous places are CROUS and other student hostels where the rent price is more varied from 150€ to 450€ per month. 

Private rented accommodation is also considerably cheaper and the overall rental market is significantly less saturated and thus has less competition than Paris to the point where students do not have to wait for a long time for their place while saving for it. 

For Lyon also, you can get some excellent options with the help of online student accommodation service platforms. 

Quality and Accessibility 

Lyon also provides an excellent quality of living with clean, well-developed, and up-to-date accommodations for students. The city is relatively small and most of the stakes are in close proximity to universities for students to either walk to University or take a bus. Some of the reasons highlighted by many students are the historical features of the city and a number of facilities that allow for an optimal learning environment. 

In addition, a lively cultural life enriched by various festivals, museums, and a food culture, provides students with great experience while studying

Comparative Analysis: Paris vs. Lyon 

The major disparity in this case is the cost of students’ accommodations in the two cities of Paris and Lyon. This is true especially because Paris is the capital and as such, it costs more in terms of rents and in general living costs. Lyon, on the other hand, is a cheaper place to live than other cities in France which could be an added advantage for students living on a fixed budget.

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