Bigg Boss 2 OTT’s Evicted Contestant Akanksha Puri Reacts To Her Kiss With Jad Hadid

The reality show Bigg Boss OTT has always been known for its controversies and dramatic moments. In the latest season, a particular incident has stirred up a storm in the media and among viewers – the kiss controversy involving Akanksha Puri and Jad Hadid. Let’s delve into the details of this controversy and explore that has unfolded.

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The Controversial Kiss Incident

During one of the episodes of Bigg Boss OTT, Akanksha Puri, a former contestant, and Jad Hadid, a wild card entry, shared an intimate moment by kissing each other. This incident quickly became the talk of the town, with viewers expressing mixed reactions to the on-screen display of affection.

Akanksha Puri’s Response

In the aftermath of the kiss controversy, Akanksha Puri has come forward to share her perspective on the incident. In an interview, she addressed the criticism and stated that she believes Jad Hadid lied about their relationship outside the show. Puri defended her actions, emphasizing that it was a personal choice and not a crime.

Rakhi Sawant’s Opinion

Popular reality show personality Rakhi Sawant has also shared her thoughts on the Akanksha Puri-Jad Hadid kiss controversy. According to Sawant, kissing is not a crime, and contestants should be allowed to express their feelings freely. She voiced her support for Puri and encouraged her to stand by her actions.

Media Coverage and Reactions

The media has been buzzing with coverage of the Bigg Boss OTT kiss controversy. Several news outlets have reported on the incident, sharing various perspectives and opinions. While some view it as a bold move, others have criticized it as a publicity stunt. The controversy has sparked debates and discussions among viewers, making it a hot topic on social media platforms.

After her eviction, Akanksha Puri expressed her disappointment with Jad’s comment about the kiss and the notion that she had been sending signals to him. In an interview with, she clarified her stance and said, “I did three tasks that day, which eventually helped my team win. For me, the kiss was supposed to be just a task. I would have even kissed Pooja Bhatt or Cyrus Broacha if needed. I don’t regret my actions as it wasn’t anything personal for me. There were no feelings involved.”

Responding to Akanksha’s statements, Jad Hadid came forward and labeled her a ‘bad kisser.’ He explained, “Honestly, I was clear in my mind that this would be just a peck that we would hold for 30 seconds. He got carried away and started kissing me, but I wasn’t using my lips as I had no feelings for him. That made him say that I was a bad kisser as I was not involved. But he is not my partner that I will kiss him, nor was I instructed by my director to kiss a co-actor passionately. He didn’t understand that it was a simple task and complicated things for me and even him. It makes him sound stupid that we didn’t share a good kiss as that was never supposed to happen,” Akanksha explained during the same interview.

The conflicting perspectives and explanations from both parties have added fuel to the already heated discussion surrounding the kiss controversy. Viewers and fans continue to debate and express their opinions on social media platforms, keeping the buzz around Bigg Boss OTT alive.