Apple planning a major renovation for its 2024 Pro lineup

According to reports, Apple is planning a major renovation by introducing OLED displays and M3 Apple Silicon chipset for its 2024 iPad Pro lineup. The upcoming models are likely to be available in two size versions – 11-inch and 13-inch – and would potentially replace the current 12.9-inch model. The California-based company is likely to improve the Magic Keyboard accessory though there is no official information from Apple.

The tech giant is planning to reclaim its stronghold in the tablet market via upcoming iPad Pro. Though iPad Pro has undergone minor enhancements in its processing capabilities, camera performance and display quality, a major overhaul is likely to be on the horizon. Reports claim that Apple is keen on a substantial update, possibility one of the most significant ones in over ten years.

The report suggests that Apple is willing to integrate M3, the upcoming Apple Silicon chip, into the iPad Pro lineup. The iPad Pros, J717, J718, J720, and J721, are likely to debut in the next year and feature OLED displays.

Video Credit : Matt Talks Tech

Besides iPad Pro, Apple could do a makeover of the Magic Keyboard, one of its highly commendable accessories. The report also highlights that it could mean accommodating a large trackpad, which would create a more laptop-like experience if compared to the existing configuration. Apple is reportedly planning to unveil this new iPad Pro before summer or spring 2024.

All these details are procured from unofficial sources and hence should be carefully approached until the brand announces official configuration. However, the announcement is least expected in near future.